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Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by DirtyE, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. DirtyE

    Great event, great water, great people, with that said hard fishing. We pre fished friday got a late start found some fish at 46.37 put 11 in the boat on one bait stop, picked up went in for the captains meeting. Friday ran to the same spot jumpers galore, like , most are saying very skittish worked hard for 10 fish, we weighed in 117 lbs I think it 4th. place overall 2nd. in double down pot. That scarab is a fun boat to fish off of it is purpose built, go fast and catch fish, running at 60mph. adds something to this little game we call tuna chasing. We had a fairly new tuna crew but we worked well together and scratched out a pretty nice day.

    It was nice to meet some off you northern BDers, tommy as pleasure, Mitch you da man, and a big thanks to Chris Kooley he was a great captain and a heck of a nice guy, Thanks again Erik
  2. Chasin' Tail

    so that boat could do 60 mph running out in the swells??
  3. DirtyE

    On friday we could only make 35-40 big wind chop, on the way in was 60+, sat we made about 45-50 once we got off shore a few miles, and 60+ again coming home.
  4. Spokaloo

    That boat did 60 right past team Just Keep Fishing, who was feeling pretty snazzy doing over 40 on the same water. Its humbling to feel like you are jamming away and have them blow by you like that (and get an earlier weigh-in time to boot!)

  5. Glad Wrap

    congrats guys, every fish brought in made a diffrence.

    oh and that is one nice ass boat.