Tanner Banks - tiger shark, orcas and Ali vs goat

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Afry, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. Afry

    But no BFT.

    Ali, Mark - Locobro, and I left Fri night @ 10 after a killer sushi dinner on Tiger Shark (bad ass 33' World Cat cc w/300 zukes).

    Hit some pretty good seas as we past SC around 3 am but as the day came on they flattened out. Fuck it was cold.

    Trolled for a bit at graybreak but the water was cold and blue/greenish. Dropped some irons on the Tanner and had a steady pick of bocacio (released), Ali draged up a nice goat on the iron.

    Trolled towards the east looking for the tempbreak for no love. Headied south towards the Mushroom for a triple on the bonita then east through the Fly. Water temps were between 55.8 and 58.1 but our temp gauge may have been a bit quirky.

    Saw a pod of Orcas below the Condom, that was pretty cool. Ran home at 30 mph in mixed seas - that was pretty cool too. It turned out to be a beautiful day.

    It was fishy out there but we didn't find em - next time.
  2. Sluester

    Nice try gents!
  3. Slater

    Atleast you guys got on the water & gave it a try! It was pretty fishy @ PointLoma Seafoods yesterday :boobies: & the wind was blowing like a mofo!
  4. Ali Admin

    I think the water that was holding those fish has rolled. We couldn't get a decent chloro for a week, so we were flying blind.

    the Cold water at 55 degrees looked good and had life. The warm water at almost 58 varied from tinted green to cloudy green.

    I'm sure they are out there somewhere, but not for us to find. We covered some serious water out there for not much.

    Big thanks for Brady at West Coast Power Cats. That 33' World Cat is just a BEAST. We were making 27kts through some pretty snotty weather without getting a drop on us or a single pound.

    Great day on the water regardless. Thanks guys for coming along.
  5. Squid Vicious

    ....................hell of an effort , thanks for the report ............been looking forward to it
  6. Swazi

    Nice try boyz...sounds like fun though.
  7. bajababy

    next time.... Thanks for the report... As much as I wanted to, we couldn't pull the trigger on Friday night
  8. Saluki

    Great try on an awesome boat!!!!
  9. Kurt

    Thanks for giving it a go. I saw one of those cats up close and they are pretty damn impressive. What do those big cats have hanging down the center of the hull near the bow?
  10. Jaydog

    Nice try guy's we were all pulling for you.
  11. fishnbuddy

    Those big world cats are amazing rides!! I bet you guys had a blast with that boat! You did catch some fish!! Thats a successful trip in my book.
  12. Mo Betta

    Thanks for making the run!
  13. locobro

    Enjoyed the trip guys.

    So it's practically Christmas and there we were, about a hundred miles offshore on a beautiful day watching Orca's casually swim by.

    Thanks Santa. ;)
  14. dbar

    Nice try guy's.Still sounds like a fun day water.
  15. Johnnyfish

    "A" for effort. Your report sure made me jones for an offshore trip...great read on a cold Sunday morning.
  16. Professor

    Sounds like a manly effort. You covered the ground.
  17. Ali Admin

    How the World at Hydroram Works
  18. Foss

    Sounds like everyone had a good time on one of those "swing for the fences" fishing trips. Thanks for the post.
  19. Fishin Fool74

    Hey, who let you guys take out my tournement boat Flying Tiger!!!!! :D Glad you guys got out. If you are going that far in December that's one of the best boats you could have been on.
  20. Afry

    Cat balls...big ones, this boat is a wave stomper.