Taking family to Sitka in August 2012

Discussion in 'Alaska & British Columbia Fishing Reports Forum' started by T-Bro, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. T-Bro


    After being amazed at AK after going heli skiing in June of 2008, I have been wanting to tak my family there for a vacation. I have narrowed it down to SE AK and have found a killer lodge just offshore from Sitka called the Talon Lodge. The only problem is that the package I signed up for is for only 4 days.
    Want to know if anyone has an idea of how to spend another 3-4 days up there. I have 3 kids from 8-13 years old and a wife who is not psycho about fishing. Figure I will get the bloodlust out after a few days at Talon, and then would like an idea of where to go for the adventure stuff my wife wants (i.e. sea kayaking, hiking, seeing glaciers, bears, and orcas) I was thinking of basing out of Sitka, but would it make sense to hit Juneau or Ketchikan instead?

    Looking for a comfortable lodge or inn, with good food and the ability to help us organize the trips we want to do.

    Thanks for your assistance!

  2. walkerman

    Start in Anchorage and take the train to Denali, tour the Denali Park, and from there go to Talkeetna, where you can do a rivertrip/tour on a jetboat, which includes hikes to replicas of indian camps and trappers lodgings. Then, it's a simple train ride back to Anchorage. You get to see so much of Alaska that you can only see by train or plane. Incidentally, we took a small plane from Denali to Talkeetna....flew over glaciers, etc...it was spectacular.

  3. middleofnowhere

    If you are interested in a real relaxing adventure, there are forestry cabins you can rent for about $45 a day. http://www.fs.fed.us/r10/tongass/cabins/sitkamap/sitka_map.shtml
    you can easily hire a ride out to a cabin. Just bring fuel (kerosene) and your grub. Some of the cabins are quite large, close to Sitka and they are beautiful. Just a thought.

    This is one that I remember seeing from the boat. http://www.fs.fed.us/r10/tongass/cabins/sitka/allanpt.shtml

    Also, there is lots to do in Sitka. a good bar and a movie theater:D
    The commercial tackle store is definitely worth a visit too (can't remember the name of the place).
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  4. pargoman

    Murray Pacific
  5. Bob Farmer

    There is a raptor rehab facility in Sitka that is well worth the visit. Alaska Airlines will fly any raptor there from anywhere in the US for free. We saw Bald and Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Owls, the whole raptor spectrum. I was really awsome, and should be very interesting to you and your family.
  6. Bob Farmer

    Still can't type. IT was really awsome....
  7. Sober

    If you can swing it, go to Brooks falls and watch the Brownies feed on Salmon. Just amazing. Other than that, the further you can get from the road system, the better.
    I plan on heading back up in June/July for the Kings and Sockeye. It is a great place
  8. Fish Alaska Charters

    Look into Gustavus / Glacier Bay.

    Has everything you're looking for times 10.

    World renowned sea kayaking with whales (guaranteed whales in huge amounts), multiple glaciers, wildlife etc.

    North of Sitka West of Juneau. Off the beaten path but not too much (you can only get there by boat or plane). We have jet service (737) in the summer.

    Look into it, I can help if you want.

  9. FishCraigAK

    Check out Prince of Wales Island... It has a lot of wildlife and plenty of beautiful scenery.