Tails we win!

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by changboy, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. changboy

    Howzit, last two trips chasing ahi's ending up with goose eggs. Launched out of waianae at 800 with my brother Loren and daughter Paris (lucky charm) the water was really nice. Dropped lures just before S buoy and made a pass, no luck.
    Then about five minutes later the outrigger pops nada......10 seconds later the same pole doubles over and line rips out of the 130 with 24 lbs. drag. After taking 2/3 of the spool we get to work and get the fish to the boat in 45 minutes but she no like give up yet and circles us at leader. Finally, after 4-5 rotations the fish shows no signs of giving up, we let out some line and bump the drag up to 35 lbs. and tow the monster around for around 5-10 minutes. Now she's ready and comes in nicely and gets a 38 special love tap.....game over!
    We tried to get her weighed at the harbor and after waiting 15 minutes while he's on the phone the guy gives us the "sorry my father no stay" cause the scales are not owned by the state???????
    Later, at home she weighed in at 440 lbs.

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  2. bays90

    Wow that marlin has got some big shoulders, was the pec fin rigid could you lay it against the body. Looks like from the pictures it may be a Black
  3. patfishhi

    Brian, Loren and "The Lucky Charm",
    Nice fish you have there; Paris seems like she can never get enough of fishin'... you are a lucky Dad. Way to go!

  4. JimmyK

    Brian, Loren & Paris, congratulations!!! That's one big fish!!!
  5. hawaiian hammer

    Good going on your beast. Thank goodness for cordless sawzall and 38 special love taps.:hali_olutta:
  6. jma1978

    Wow, amazing!
    Do you do anything to the tail to preserve it, or just set it out in the sun?
  7. Gaji Lures

    GREAT JOB Brian, Loren and Paris!!!
  8. Pacific Lures

    Right on.. Thats a nice size marlin, Nice pictures too.
  9. Ali Admin

    That does look like a black.

    Nice fish!
  10. Whiskey

    Nice catch captain, cute kid too. Those are some great pics.
  11. jd808

    Brian and crew,

    Right on. I 2nd what Pat said; you are a lucky dad. Did you rope him and drag him back to harbor? Would be pretty crowded on a 17' Montauk with the 3 of you and that donkey.

  12. Pupule

    Nice sized marlin, gang! Must have been a long, grueling fight.

    It sure does appear as though the pectoral fin is unable to fold back and rest against the fish's body, and there's only one marlin that has a pectoral fin like that --> black marlin.

  13. hanapaakikijo

    Good going to everyone!
  14. Laguna80

    Nicely done! I'd be interested to know how you got it back to the harbor too. We have a similar boat. haha
  15. changboy

    Sean, meat hook to the side of the head and a couple of half hitches around the bill. towed it into about 20 feet water then pulled um in through the back good thing for low transoms.....fugured it would be too hard to approach the ramp with one fish on the side and didn't want to get taxed in deep water. Getting it out of the boat involved a block and tackle/F150/luck.

    Jeff, thanks still looking for one 2012 ahi!


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  16. opunui

    Good going Capt'n..only 440lbs. Wow
  17. russell kato

    Congratulations on that beast! Wow, 440lb. Marlin on a 17 ft. Whaler....definitely a job well done! BTW, how fast do you normally troll? It seems like you hook into quite a few marlins ......what about lure?? Are you using resin head/cut face or chrome jets/resin straight running jets and 7" or 9"?
  18. oh da shiz

    way to go on the donkey, especially in a 17'er
  19. Night Moves

    No doubt nice fish!! Sure looks like a Black. I didn't know Hawaii saw Blacks. We get them very rarely here in Guam. I have only caught 1 here.
  20. shadzdad

    Awesome job! That tail will make one hell of a trophy. When did you catch that? wednesday? I seen a whaler launching right before i went out that day.