Tailhunter July 24th, 2011 La Paz and Las Arenas Fleet Report

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  1. Keone

    Look at the head on this bull dorado! Randy Pelcher from Bishop CA was on his first trip here and
    took this big guy on his first day of his trip. There's some big dorado down here right now!
    Randy got this on a live sardine with our Tailhunter Las Arenas fleet.​

    It was another week where the ladies sometimes outfished the guys!
    Robin Sawaske from Carpenteria CA, was on her first trip ever and took
    this 40-pound class dorado fishing north of La Paz near Espirito Santo Island.​

    It wasn't a spectacular week for tuna but we did have some nice flurries of tuna
    off Cerralvo Island that kept the rods bent on fish in the 10-30 pound category.
    On break from med school in Virginia, Robert Jackson, Jr, mugs with
    goofball captain Victor holding up a couple of tuna at Las Arenas Beach.​

    This has probably been one of the slowest wahoo years I can remember.
    Only a handful so far this season although we've been seeing the occasional fish
    here and there. But no one has been catching any! At least until Kevin Davis
    from Mustang, Oklahoma and nephew of our La Paz amigo Hawk Davis got this
    sweet fish north of Cerralvo Island. I dunno...I think he flew in from Oklahoma
    with a horseshoe in his back pocket. In additon to this trophy wahoo, he also got a
    blue marlin and released an 80-pound class roosterfish!
    Talk about first-timer luck! Great trip!​

    There's still some variety down here, especially if you fish the rocks inshore like
    Joe Adler from Mammoth CA who pulled this hefty barred pargo off a reef near Punta Arenas!​

    It was a good week for our flyfishers, like Spencer Sawaske who had a
    banner day catching-and-releasing 12 roosters like this one working
    the rocky eastern shoreline of Cerralvo Island.​

    Ken Milici lives up in the Eastern Sierras and came down the mountain to fish
    with us for the first time and is all smiles with this nice Las Arenas yellowftin tuna.
    The tuna appear to have moved in closer to the
    island these days.​

    Incredible colors on this great shot of Dr. Bill Thomas and Captain Jorge with a fresh dorado on the gaff!​

    It's rare that we have to do much trolling, but Robert Jackson of San Diego,
    who has been an amigo for years, decided to troll a cedar plug and knocked down a
    yellowftin tuna and this monster bull dorado...which set off a run of folks looking
    for cedar plugs at the local La Paz tackle stores!​

    Click the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33vtevbrNg4


    I guess even bigger than the fishing was the amount of focus garnered by the approach of Hurricane Dora
    that came up from Central America this past week that had us all watching. Reaching Category 4
    status with 150 mph winds and huge seas, early predictions had southern Baja in it’s track.
    So we waited and watched …and waited and watched…and it’s all everyone talked about all week.
    At our Tailhunter Restaurant Bar on the La Paz waterfront, we were getting the
    rain ponchos and sandbags ready. We were dreading the weekend since we’ve
    been full with clients all week and are in the prime of the season.​

    And then…well…gratefully NOTHING HAPPENED! We did some strong winds and chop
    with some big swell from the south, but it beat getting battered by Hurricane Dora.
    At least we got out fishing and most folks still did OK with the fishing and, although
    we had to work hard for fish, most folks went home with a load in the coolers.​

    The most consistent bite were again the dorado. More prevailant with our
    La Paz fleet than our Las Arenas fleet, nonetheless, most days it was limits
    or near limits of mahi ranging from school-sized 5-10 pounders
    to 20-40 pounders. There might have been some larger ones in the count,
    but there were some legit 40-50 pounders busted off on lighter tackle
    after long battles.​

    Again, the weed lines north of La Paz were productive areas we as were the
    areas around SE Espiritu Santo Island, Las Cruces, and Punta Mejia. For our
    La Las Arenas fleet, dorado were found at the 88 spots,
    the inner and outer buoys as well as marauding in the areas between
    Punta Arena lighthouse and South Point of Cerralvo Island.​

    I don’t know about Las Arenas. The whole year, the bite there has been anemic.
    One week great…next week so-so. One day great. Next day we have trouble
    getting bait. Hopefully, things will improve. Some years, La Paz
    is the tougher side. This year, it’s just the opposite. Las Arenas struggles.​

    For the tuna bite, none of the big sluggers this week, but it seemed that every
    other day for our Las Arenas anglers, the tuna would pop up and everyone
    would get 3-8 football-sized tuna in the 20-40 pound class. Pretty much the perfect
    size for most anglers. Enough of a fight without the 1-2 hour battles often
    ending in heartache when it gets lost. The footballs were plenty work-out for
    most! Some days the fish, interestingly, would eat only live or dead sardines.
    The next time they would only eat trolled lures like Rapalas, feathers and
    for some reason…Cedar Plugs (natural colored) worked nicely when they never seemed to
    have been very effective before except for catching bonito.​

    Some other notes…our flyfishermen this week did exceptionally well. Several worked the easter-side of
    Cerralvo Island and found the schools of 10-15 pound roosters in the shallows that were
    a great battle on 8-10wt flyrods. Vicki Mitchell from Carmel CA hooked
    one really sweet 35 pound dorado that put up a big fight and really tore it up on the flyrod for her.​

    As well, it’s not been a really great wahoo season, but conditions have certainly seemed
    good for it. However, we’ve caught very few this year. I can only think of a
    handful taken, but that could also be because no one has really
    worked the area. Well, this past week, three were hooked and one
    landed at the north end of Cerralvo Island.​

    Still quite a few billfish in the area. Sailfish up to 100 pounds and striped marlin
    up to about 120 were hooked and lost. Most billfish are getting released. However,
    there were several blues up to about 300 pounds hooked and lost as well plus one fish
    estimted at possibly being a “grander” (1000 pounder) was seen by a very experienced
    free diver in the blue water.​

    That’s our story
    Jonathan and Jilly​