Tady/Candy Bar Lures Merger

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Ali, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Ali Admin

    Just received this press release:

    By Steve Carson
    April 2006

    Tady Lures acquires Candybar Jigs
    Two of the most legendary names in California's jig-making history came together in April, when the Tady Lure Corporation acquired all assets of the venerable Candybar Lure Company.
    Jim Shimizu of Tady Lures said: "We are really pleased that one of California's first jig makers is now under our roof. Bob Manning [son of the lures' inventor] retired and stopped making jigs several years back."
    "We purchased the remaining inventory of raw unfinished jig blanks, along with the jig mold itself and the original wooden mold sample. We are attaching rings and hooks right now, and the first batch will be strictly bare aluminum. The finished lures will start to appear in tackle stores before the end of the month."
    Tady Lures will continue to offer Candybars in all 3 original sizes: The 112 which is sized similar to a Tady 45; the 200 which is similar to a Tady 4/0; and the 150 which is like a Tady A1.
    Shimizu added: "We are also going to re-introduce the Tady T-3 in slightly thicker solid brass material than the original. The T-3's will come in special colors for albacore and wahoo."

    Media Contact:
    Tady Lures
    Jim Shimizu
    557 Coralridge Pl.
    Industry, CA 91746
  2. albacore858

    thats great news i cant wait
  3. Fresh One

    I hope they don't fuck up the Candy Bar jigs. I use to fish Tady's alot and still have some but only 1 in 4 swims worth a shit anymore. Too much variance in their light iron in my opinion.
  4. gclance

    This should be good, both are awesome companies!!!

    Hope candy bars will still swim
  6. fishnfool

    Pete, the first ones to hit the street will be the "original" lures that were still in inventory. Tady also purchased the molds so they are not a knockoff, or "just like" the Candy Bars...they are Candy Bars. I for one am very happy to see this. I'll set a few set aside for you at the store...they will be in later this week.
  7. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Set a couple aside for me too Kev:)
  8. alBACKore14

    can i order tackle from noahs? i live too far from SD.
  9. DeepCAngler

    That's good news. The first batch to hit stores should be killer. Let's just hope the ones to follow will stay true to form.

    When do they hit NOAH's floor. Would like to stop by for a few.
  10. fishnfool

    THE CANDYBARS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are already on the list for us to hold you some don't worry...those are set back. If you didn't get on the pre-order list it is first come, first served. We received 200 today...130 are still available. For those of you who are wondering if they will be the same these are the OG's. Tady will begin production when these are gone.
  11. Special Ed


    If the trip I'm Ho'in' for Saturday falls through, I'll be bringing a buddy of mine by on Saturday. I'd like to pick up a few candy bars, and I may have you order me a lefty AVET SX.

    I wonder if the iron would work on those Pike I'll be hunting in Canada come May.............
  12. bloodyboot

    Those candybars look good:) , but have yet to be tasted. Thanks again kevin i think im gonna start heading over their on payday:finger:
  13. Orca

    Got mine. They sure look good.

  14. sealskinner

    Bought my 10 this AM. Thanks Kev.
  15. vellocity

    thanks for picking mine out Kevan!
    got mine yesterday, don't know shit about them but yeah i believe everyone that say they catch fish!
    can't wait for a surface boil!
  16. DDCapt.

    candy bar lure + a tady paint job = I might want to try that
  17. Az.monkey

    I grabbed 8 this afternoon , hurry up gang ! there might not be any left if you procrastionate
  18. alBACKore14

    got damnit. all this talk about candybars is making me wanna fish.

    how much do they go for a pop?

    and should most tackle stores have them in stock?? if so do any of you know if youngs tackle or fishermans access has em?
  19. Az.monkey

    Gett'em from Bloddy Decks Tackle or Noah's it's all online on this board :)
  20. dalurker

    Sure wished Dick Acker would bring back his "Killer Jigs" too...:p: :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e