Tackle shop near Pt Loma

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by dcslick, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. dcslick


    Can anyone suggest a good tackle shop near Pt. Loma. Heading out there tomorrow from Az and need to pick up some things. Any place that does not overcharge will do.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. FishStalker

    Squidco on Barnett. Or head up to Noah's in clairemont.
  3. Captain Curt


    Not to far from Point Loma....................
    Fare price with some knowledge to boot.


    The boat Hanna.......
  4. bertram31

  5. Captain Curt

    Yea Jack............It might be spam, but it taste so good. :rofl:


    The boat Hanna.........
  6. 5150

    Hook, Line and Sinker is very good and fair as well as Point Loma Tackel Shop at the Point Loma Landing Office. Both businesses are at the water and see what works every day and wants not.
  7. FishStalker

    Hook line and sinker is OK but they have a very limited selection of everything. I've bought a few rods there when noone else in town had them. However, every tackle shop over at the big 3 is WAY overpriced. Avoid them like the plague. They take advantage of the fact that they are last stop shopping for many anglers before they get on the boat.
  8. midnightrambler

    fuckin seatow
  9. Bottom Line

    They also have to pay the Port district 4% of their receipts since they are in the port district zone.
  10. FishStalker

    Their prices are alot more than 4% higher....
  11. Smudge

    It's just like the gas stations right off the freeway. They know you need gas and you're unfamiliar with the area so you're not gonna go hunting around for a better price.

    Noah's or Squidco. You're not goona beat the price and we all fish.
  12. barracuda Killer

    Kobe's swap meet. back row. great deal on poles and reels, some even work. if not Noahs. call ahead and they will get your shit for ya. and for a small additional fee, a grumpy old grizzly fucker will deliver it to you.
  13. the hook

    What about Fisherman's Landing Tackle?


    Great selection, you're just gonna pay double.
  15. Sluester

  16. Smudge

    You're joking right???
  17. Az.monkey

    trying to up your post count again Brandon ?? :D

    I must concur with your views on said establishment and I'm all about Noah's
  18. sdangler

    If you go down to Point Loma and buy your gear, you're going to pay more... Nuff said.

    Squidco is a great store hands down. Way out of my way, but I make it in there every couple of months and never am dissapointed.

    Personally, I like going to Noah's and getting good service and a good experience. The guys there are helpful and know their shit. They can get anything that you want pronto and the prices are good. You want to save $5 then buy it on line. At some point, I want to know that the guy that spooled my reel with spectra knew what he was doing and that I don't have to worry about it.

    Besides, they have a refrigerator... :notworthy

    Long live the local tackle shop!

  19. Afry

    Psssssssst! There's a BDer working at Anglers Choice, poor misguided soul. Nice young kid trying to make a $ I guess. I have to admit I stop in there when I need some last minute small shit on the way to the boat late at night.
  20. Afry


    ??? not sure....Justin maybe? Might've had a beer before....

    ....just walk in there with the BD salute flying and the one that smiles is him.