Tackle Recommendations for over night rock cod trip

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Native Warrior, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. Native Warrior

    my buddy and I are booked on an over-night rock cod trip on the 28th and I was wondering what kind of set up we should bring (rod and reel). also, do you recommend straight braid on the reel for rock cod or a top shot of mono and what lb. test for each? How heavy of a weight should we be using (range...e.g. 12-16oz.)? also, are there any heavy jigs you may recommend?

    Thanks for your comments and help!
  2. bassnglass

    I fish straight 65 spectra on a 4/0. 16 oz usually works great.
  3. tekguy

    Any reel that will hold 300 yards of 65 pound spectra. JigMaster size will do. Any rod somewhere in the 20_50 range will be fine. Bring 4/0 hooks and weights from 8 to16 ounces

    A lot of my passengers are fishing spectra with a top shot because if you get stuck on the bottom the top shot will break and free you up.I am seeing smaller reels and lighter rods on the boat and those anglers seem to catch more fish.12 to 16 oz sinkers will be fine or a heavy jig
  5. garrironman

    diamond jigs with a shrimp fly
  6. mcrae

    Any big jig between 12 and 16 ounces will do, 40lb test topshot works well and spectra is the most used.
  7. trandc9

    How deep do they fish?
  8. Native Warrior

    I would imagine that they are fishing somewhere between 100 and 300 feet of water. Thank you for all of the information and recommendations guys!
  9. Hoose

    Having just returned from a 1.5 day trip on the LEGEND, this is what I saw work best. Outfits - my favorite is the Baja Special (4/0N) filled with #50 braid. Some guys use #65, but I like the #50 since it's almost impossible to break from a drifting boat and after cod season you can put a short top shot on it for a #30-#40 outfit. The important thing is to have a reel with the needed 'diameter' per a crank for this type of fishing. The guy next to me had 6:1 gear ratio but it was on a low profile bass reel and he was winding like no other on that tiny diameter spool.

    As for rods, the 7' #25- #40 rated works good. I fish a Cal Star 6480 with all AFTCO lightweight roller tips. Longer rods easier on the crank up and work around bow and tangles etc.

    I would have a yo yo outfit with #40 lb and a scrambled egg Salas 6x jr ready juast in case yellows bite - a couple were caught down there Saturday on the dropper loops.

    Bring (3) 12 oz torpedo sinkers and (3) 16 oz torpedo sinkers. You will lose 1-2 of each size, and some boats dont sell them so better to be prepared than end up without.

    Bring a 1/4 lb spool of clear #40 mono. This will be used to make double hook dropper loop rigs. I lost a nice ling cod that bit through my #30 lb leader- and #40 got bit just fine and gives a little more insurance on the bigger grade Mexican lings.

    Hooks, the EZ Baiter and Kirby in 3/0 and 4/0 seemed to work just fine on Gulp!, sardines, and fresh frozen squid baits. The landings sell them, and do a good job on the cod.

    No 'jewelry' on your dropper loop rigs- meaning no beads, swivels, etc. The guys getting their limits were using 'clean' #40 lb leaders and double hook dropper loop rigs. Of course a good quality swivel to attach the braid to the mono leader is needed.

    Jigs: the brown/yellow/red Jax jigs were working, as well as the 6-8 oz Diamond jigs on the lings. The guy next to me hooked and lost a nice 'ling?' on a Butterfly in chrome/black. I was fishing the Gulp! 6" grub in pink shine and the 4" Gulp! swimming mullet on top hook. My lings were on the grub and reds on the swimming mullet. The lings wanted the live sardine on the bottom hook.

    Be ready to drop' when captain calls over PA- small areas you need to be ready to go when ordered.

    Good luck!
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  10. abdiver7777

    What he said..........

    except I tie the weight to the dropper loops with 12lb mono so I don't have to fight to break it off on a snag.......

    Just remember to crank up 3-6 turns after you hit bottom so you have less chance of snagging......... Rock Fish swim around in the first 2 to 5 feet off the bottom anyway..........

    Stay away from asshats that use too little weight..... if you are drifting over structure your line needs to be straight down.....bring lots of different size weight so you can adjust to changing conditions...... ask the deckies if you are unsure....
  11. Native Warrior

    Thanks aain for the info guys...it has been very helpful. Do most of you bring one set up (rod and reel) or multiple set ups?

    Multi set ups you never know when one will break or if the conditions warrant it such as fishing Kelplines shallow. What boat are you riding?
  13. Native Warrior

    I am going out on the Indian Friday night. I am planning on taking two 20-50 lb. poles with Shimano TLD lever drag reels...single speed.
  14. Jvili

    Your gear sounds pretty good but i'd think about bringing a reel loaded with spectra
  15. Simon Bon Bowery

    spectra is a must, and ask the crew how to rig your gear, they fish way more than us.
  16. PescadorPete

    You could get by with one but I brought three rigs last weekend because I don't like to re-rig. When I get tired of one, I just pick up the other. Saltist40 levelwind for bait, TLD15 for the jig and a Baja Special for yellowtail yo-yo, all filled to the brim with spectra. Spectra is great because you can feel your weight/jig when it hits the bottom and then get it up a crank or two before it gets stuck. If it does get stuck, its usually easy to pop it free if you have spectra. I caught my limits on bait and jigs (PL68 glow, Jax-Jig orange/copper, A167 red). The jigs are more fun for me.
  17. jiggyn

    straight 30lb mono on an old school penn
  18. deskjet1120

  19. flyliner

    I personally think that with the advancements in tackle, it's way more fun to fish rockfish on relatively "light" gear.

    My favorite rockfish set-up is a Daiwa saltist 20 level wind spooled with 50 pound izlorline white spectra. I put this on a Shimano Trevala jigging rod. These rods basically look and feel like a fresh water bass rod, but are incredibly strong and work very well fishing the rockfish.

    So sure, you can use your standard 4/0 size reel...but why would you want to? This isn't commercial fishing.

    Yes, rockfishing can be fun!!!
  20. jiggyn

    cuz its only rockfish