Tackle/Line Capacity question for Striped Marlin

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by MVangler, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. MVangler

    I'm heading to Baja for a tournament in a few months. I'm an east coast angler so I need some advice on the ideal tackle to fish for striped marlin using 30 lb test. I would expect 20-40 calstar or seeker live bait rods would work well for pitching bait but I'm uncertain about which reel would work best. I don't have the benefit of spectra backing, so i need a reel with enough 30lb line capacity to handle striped marlin. I don't know how long a run you typically get from them. Is a Talica 16II a good choice or should I go with a 20II?
  2. okie man

    a makaira 15 full of 30# on a ss6480 would make a great setup. you'll need plenty of line for multible hookups. can't back down when they go in different directions.
  3. dorado50

    Alot to choose from but I'm partial to a trinidad 30 and a calstar 700m. Avet HXJ and calstar 700h are fun too.If you have a good boat captain you won't need much line at all......
  4. tunanorth

    The Penn Torque TRQ40 size is the one used by the "Bad Company" as its striped marlin bait reel, specifically because it has enough capacity to allow the 150-200 yard topshot of 30-40 mono they employ, plus at least 300 yards of 50-pound superbraid for a cushion when multiple hookups occur. [350/30 mono with no braid]
    The BC guys prefer to gear down to the optional 4.8-1 ratio, so that the angler can continue to gain some line even when the boat is not concentrating on their individual fish.
    BC's Captain Steve Lassley reported from off Mag Bay in December that a single one of his TRQ40's had caught over 100 marlin with no adverse affect on the drag whatsoever.
    If not worrying about multiple hookups, the narrower Torque TRQ30 [or lower-priced Fathom FTH30] still hold enough line.
  5. Fishybuzz

    He is NOT using spectra......
  6. seriola_killer

    113 Baja Special
  7. MVangler

    Thanks for all the input.

    So based on the suggestions, it look like most of you would be comfortable with a reel that can hold 300-350 yds of 30 lb mono?
  8. okie man

    400 plus yards would be better.
  9. tunanorth

    Yes, that's why I included the 350/30 straight mono number in the text, along with the specifics of Captain Lassley's rigging.
    Even in the days before superbraid, this size reel was pretty standard for drop back and casting baits to striped marlin.