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Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Capt. Juan Moll, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Good fishing for us on Feb. 21, went out targeting YFT had a report that they were 10 to 15 miles SW of El Banco got to the area with a few other boats with not much going on, we put out a pair of Braid Marauders and 2 cedar plugs, few fish braking water but not holding, after an hour or so i saw a fin that made me look closer and realized it was a swordfish , started screaming to Abel live bait and he got to the bow but before casting bait we slamed bait for it not to be so lively , he cast it with in 2 feet from his mouth and fish sunk and took it right away put boat in gear and it was game on for 9 hrs and 38 min.
    My congratulations to Angler Ralph he did one heck of a fight.
    We hooked up at 11am and landed fish by 8.40 pm, several times while fighting fish we had tunas all around the boat.
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  2. Local Fishin'

    Good Eatin'!
  3. Carl


    It was hooked in the bill?
  4. Bank Robber

    That is awesome! Straight tie spectra to the hook?
  5. Carl

    Doesn't look like Spectra to me. I'm callin fluoro.....
  6. jaydawg77

    Nice fish!

    I call Pink Yo-Zuri Fluorocarbon
  7. Popachubby

    I call flour too! Wow nice..Congrats..
  8. Bank Robber

    Yeah LOL wearing glasses now.

    Great catch!
  9. Cougman

    That's one bad ass catch!
  10. joefurgerson

    Congratulations, Juan.

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