Swimbait Striper Trip To Arkansas

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    Just got back from the trip of a lifetime. Flew out Sunday, after a short layover in Chicago we landed in Little Rock Arkansas. Our fishing guide for the next three days picked us up at the airport and took us to his house where he kindly let us stay with him. He is a hard core live bait expert by the name of Ron Womack. He was an awesome guide if you are intersted PM me and I will get you his info. We told him when we were coming we were bringing swimbaits and wanted to do some casting for them. Ron trolls planer boards and balloons with ten to twenty inch gizzard shad seven rods at a time. By the end of the second day we left the shad at his house(the sweetest bait set up ever) and just brought swimbaits. He said in his twenty years of guiding this was the first time he was going out with live bait. I think he was ok with it since he caught a 27 pounder on his second cast ever with a triple trout. Then a 30 pounder two casts later. We pounded the fish. My co-workers facebook post says it all at the end of the trip.

    Kind of in a state of disbelief... Just finished up day 3 and we're heading to the airport. Total count was 20 fish for 406 pounds. Today i had 3 fish (33, 28 and 16 pounds). Mike finished today with a 26 and a couple teeners and Capt. Ron wrestled a 22 pounder out of a tree.

    My best 5 were 33, 32, 28, 28 and 22. Mike's best 5 were 31, 28, 26, 23, 22. What an awesome fishery. We'll be back with Capt. Ron Waymack sooner than later to get those 50's.

    Most fish were caught on 14 inch Triple Trout prototypes, jointed Z-plugs, and Lunker Punkers and a new Rago ProtoType that destroyed it. I will try to get a video of our Go Pro Cameras up soon since we had three rolling. Fished and Okuma Isis 400 spooled up with 40 pound Big Game, and a Okuma C3x extra heavy swimbait rod for the Z-plug and Punker and an eight and a half foot XXH Okuma EVX model Musky rod. I will keep adding some more pics. ​

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  3. fisherman from

    wtf,,those are some huge stripers..wtg and thanks for the report
  4. FknChristopH

    even the stripers are cornfed. AMAZING pics.

  5. rdrrm8e

    Hayzeuss effing Creesco mang...!


    That one pic with the bait down the gullet is gnarly looking. That one end up on the barbie?

  7. tattuna

  8. FishinArmo

    wow that looks awesome
  9. Matt Moyer

    Dang! I want some of those!
  10. okie man

    what lake?

    Lake Ouachita
  12. ib12fish

  13. okie man

    cool. was wondering if they started bitting good down there yet. looks like we need to visit some friendin benton.soon. nice fish!

    Hit up Capt. Ron Waymack at oneeyedstriperfishing.com he was our guide for three days and put us on different fish each day.
  15. Juny

    WOW! That is just amazing!
  16. jock

    You and Mark killed it! Makes me wanna go chase some striper.

    DAMN! They grow em big in Arkansas!! Thanks for the report.
  18. Bigeasy

  19. datbann

    Gets the juices flowing just reading it. Thanks for the report.
  20. Jesstuna

    Dope report...those pics are sick!!