Surveillance - Everett 10th St Boat Ramp

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Plus1, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Plus1

    I frequent the 10th st boat ramp to watch the boats coming in, fish count, humorous launch and retrieve techniques, and help when needed.

    Today, around 1:00 PM, there is a car with 2 people in it doing surveillance on every boat using the launch. The driver (call him smoking man) is eyeballing every boat coming and going to the launch using binoculars with red lens. The other person (call her tattoo lady) is totally consumed writing down boat registration and other information called out by smoking man.

    These people were very strange -and definitely not local LEO.

    Just wondering if anyone else saw this and know why the boat ramp is under surveillance.

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  2. Ronzo

    Trying to determine whom to rip off. Happens all the time up here. There was a point in time where you could order a particular type of kicker or drive or whatever. The guys would stake out a launch ramp and write it all down.

    As soon as they got an order for a certain something, they already had the information.

  3. fishnazzi

    might wanna call the everett cops Gary.............Lis. plate and your eyeball........might find Ron's race car.........or some one else's kicker........
  4. Kool-Aid

    I talked to a guy at Kitsap marine who said there was a rash of T8s being stolen. Evidently they would watch the launch, and tail the person back to the house, watch them park so they knew where the boat would be.

    I'd definately take the plate and info to the police to verify it was legit.
  5. blackvelvet

    Where those 2 rigs are parked have been being used the past few days by Kimberly clark for their salmon derby. Normally the port of Everett will NOT let anyone park there. Mighta had something to do with that derby.
  6. vanilla gorilla

    Good work man! this is how we can help each other .hopefully he was just smoking and she was showing off her tatoos,maybe he was drawing up some designs for some new ink.....
  7. rkcarguy

    Plate # is right there, I'd call it in. If they have prior's it will throw up a red flag that something might be up...
  8. dragonballs

    next time walk up and ask them "wassss up" I bet they quit or leave.
  9. dragonballs

    plate reads 316 SHR anyone have any contacts with DMV run it for shits and giggles
  10. Kool-Aid

    I have owner info. Not going to post it, pm me if anyone wants to take it further. Name didn't match Kim Clark.
  11. Ugly Bayliner

    Vessel numbers can be used to get address and personal information. Shady, very shady.