Surf fishing in Santa Barbara

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by carnage007, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. carnage007

    Im going up to visit a friend at UCSB and was wondering if there is any surf fishing in the immediate area. I know there are a bunch of rigs off the coast so I wouldn't eat any just curious if anyone has fished the area.

    Nick C

    p.s i know there is plenty of split-fin there but that is for the festivites later
  2. jscrib

    Surf fishing can be very good. If no one here fishes up there click on the banner above for SC Surf Fishing. It's a site I run and we have quit a few guys who fish up that way. I'm sure they will help you out.


    I dated some tweaker whore that went to UCSB, wouldnt give up the gash so i found my now-wife. anyways, WTF was your post about?
  4. lunchbox

    Yes there is, but it's pretty slow right now. The water's really really cold, like 49-52 degrees. Lots of dink perch up to about 9 inches but very few of the bigger models yet. If you have time to search out the holes you can do pretty decent anywhere from Goleta Beach all the way along campus and I.V. out to Devereaux and Sands. Haven't seen or heard of too many halibut yet but they are here in the late spring and summer, as are corbina. On a nice day I.V. Beach and Sands are particularly good for "pink perch," if ya know what I mean :appl:

    As for the rigs, they have absolutely NOTHING to do with whether you should eat the fish or not. They're far enough offshore and not a big factor anyway. And all that tar you see on the beach? It's not a big deal either, just annoying to get off your feet and line. Remember, the rigs are there because it is, not the other way around.
  5. smidge


    Like Lunchbox said it is still pretty cold up here. I have had some good bites latlely with BSP and WSP mostly in the 6-9" range. The flattys are just starting to bite. I got 2 shorts is SB and 2 shorts at Sands before this storm started. Got all 4 drop shotin with 5" minnow in glow worm color.

    Bring a cruiser and ride your bike from IV to Sands (no 502). Your friend will know where it is. If its sunny there are very nice views, it is a college. Where the main surf peak is there are quite a few rocks that you can work in and around when the salad is low. I have even got small bass here. Then just work the beach down to where the slough flows out.

    If you guys have a car go North and try El Cap or some of those beaches. This can be a good zone for soaking some bait while you work the Perch.
  6. carnage007

    Awsome thanks for all the replies, just finished wrapping my new surf stick and i can't wait to try it out

  7. barracuda Killer

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  8. fishnfu

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  9. Donkey Punch

    Nick, I went to UCSB and spent a lot of time surf fishing. I would assume you're staying in IV and not downtown? If so, your best bet is to fish at the base of the old stairs that used to go down to the beach from the little strip parking lot across from the Santa Cruz dorms. They had those stairs condemned for a long time, but they may have opened them by now. If not, it is worth the walk around the Marine Biology center and then down the beach. There are alot of holes down there, so keep moving until you find a good one. That used to be our honey hole for perch, beans and halibut. The usual Carolina-rigged MORF or gold flake grub should get 'em all. Hell, my old roommate even got a salmon fishing in the surf down there....

    Good luck...
  10. PHOTOG

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