surf fishing 3/30 AM (PICS)

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by sdvietboi, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. sdvietboi

    today was a great day for surf fishing. got there before high tide around 8am. if i would have known, i should of brought more bait. i ran out when the action was getting hot. left at 10am. overall it was great . finally got a halibat in the surf but it was only 15in. so let it go after a pix. took it on my camera phone tho. i lost alot of fish today. just couldn't bring them up to shore. alot of the perches have babies in them. as u can see from the pixs. how u like the newspaper this time around.. haha

    10 perch- kept 6.
    1 halibat- c&r
    1 shark-c&r. not to fond of them
    1 spotfin crocker. - had a few big ones get away. i saw it right there. shoulda had a net or something.

    here goes a few pixs.

    perch with babies

    same one a few mins later


    more perches


  2. barracuda Killer

    baby killer
  3. fishin4fun

    Good job on the perch n croakers:appl: What kind of shark did you catch? Have a good one.

  4. sdvietboi

    was baby leopard shark. i use to catch tons of them over the summer.
  5. sdvietboi

    tried to get as many of those babies back in the water as possible. too bad i miss a few.. haha.
  6. Randy B

    Nothing wrong with keeping perch for those who choose to, personally I don’t my choice. That being said there is a limit on perch.

    It’s 5
  7. michael

    Good job on the perch.
    Where's the pic of the 'butt?
  8. Clay

    My thoughts too.:finger:
  9. Mo Betta

    Man that really rubs me the wrong way...
  10. Enfuego

    Where did you go?
  11. ZZZZZ

    Good to see the Spotfin.... Going to head down tomorrow.

    Yah they drop their baby's sometimes not much you can do about it but pin them on and fish them :evilimu: :goodnevil

    its a defense reaction and sometimes they just start pouring out even if you are very very gentle and they are not all prego so the area is going to be fished. If they are mature you can try and release them or pin one on. :rolleyes:
  12. Chaka

    no offense, but nothing in those pictures looks very appetizing to me. Enjoy:rofl:

    Brad lets hit it up tommorrow.
  13. ZZZZZ

    Lets do it.

    Dude you take the baby's and inject them with cream cheese. Then you deep fry them whole. LOL

    Perch Popper.
  14. JiGGZ

    Throw back all Prego females IMHO... you killed a quadruple limit + 3 there. Not cool.

    The prego ones WILL hold on to the babies until they think they are going to die. If you get the hook out and get them back in less than a minute or so the won't drop them..lay them on land and of course they will drop them.
  15. CliffHanger

    C'mon guys, hold off on the baby-killin stuff. Granted, I wouldn't post THAT picture with all the stillborns.

    How would the angler know he hooked into a breeding female. Once you get her to land, she's soooo stressed, she gonna spew her load, nothing the angler can do about that.

    Word of advice to novice surf anglers: During the spawn, if you land a toad perch, it's prolly a breeding female. Keep her in the water and try to delicately release her.

    They are not that appetizing anyways.
    To each his own, but IMO: BSP, Corbs & Croakers are fun fish to be caught & released. However; legal surf Hali's are introduced to Mr. Forschner. :)
  16. ZZZZZ

    But then he wont have any Perch Poppers. :rofl:

    I have seen them dump their baby's on the retrieve, when lifted out of the water, while being unhooked, and at your feet, yada yada yada. 1 minute rule is not on and once you do take them out of the water instead of wading that is when they are going to drop the baby's..

    They will not drop baby's that are very premature.

    They will drop baby's that are close to ready.

    I would recommend throwing pregos back and trying to keep them in the water but if baby's start pouring out it happens from time to time if you beach fish allot in certain months you might see this take place. Dont kill yourself over it.

    I was not there:taurus:
  17. jscrib

    As mentioned, I got no problem with people keeping perch but the limit is 5, not 6.

    Also, try and get the babies in the water if at all possible. No reason to not give them a chance.

  18. ZZZZZ

    No worries I might miss a few too. Dam good bait.

    Selective readers. :D

  19. gaff_ya_good

    not appetizing? every fish can be tasty. just let an sdviet boy show ya how to prepare em haha.
  20. Fresh One

    Nice, very nice. And I'll bet they would be tasty.