Super Seeker 6463 XXXXH meat stick

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by SALTYDAWG, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Just finished this one for a guy that was on my 14 day trip, he had hooked and brought all the way to gaff the biggest yellowfin I have ever seen and then it broke his leader. He had fought the fish for over 2 hours, in a harness with a 760XH that was bottomed out for most of the fight. He felt if he had a stouter rod he would have won the battle so wanted a 4X built in his colors and to doll it up how I wanted, hope you like it Stiny

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  2. archer300

    Nice looking stick hopefully it is heavy enough
  3. Rodcrafter

    Different choice of colors, but I like it!
  4. JTrelikes

    Where's the beef? LOL

    Nice job made those colors actually work!!
  5. Capt. G

    I think he would have landed the beast if he were using a Rail Dawg.....
    Just say'n...
  6. JTrelikes's funny. All a guy needs ta do is lose one big fish, and he loses fear of standing behind a heavier stick! LOL

    ..................I'm speaking of course from "experience"
  7. Capt. G

    Jim, have you ever used the ACM (Automated Casting Machine)? You can set it for "T" mode, which is "tuna" mode, and it will fight the fish for you.
    Of course, this machine, like Bill Colby, does not exist.
    But who's counting?
  8. wahoo dogwood

    Great job -the colors came out nice.
  9. Fishybuzz

    Stiney the new "pimp daddy".............

    Locked and loaded for round two.
  10. Shooter

    Boy oh boy, Now I have to buy some new clothes to go with this rod. Beautiful. Thanks
  11. FAT CAT

    Great work Bill.
  12. bigeyeGuy

    To fish good you have to look good
  13. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Thanks guys, Stiny, glad ya like it
  14. Bubba_Bruiser

    I aint messin with Sasquatch. Nice work!
  15. Capt Richie

    Killer stick Bill
  16. JByrd

    thats a nice Filet Mignon stick right there
  17. cd4th

    Quite an accomplishment making those colors work so well together. Like.
  18. bassmandan

    The simple fact of being a fisherman!

    Sweet stick Bill, even if those colors are god awful :rofl: