Sunday Tunafest - PV 6/6/10

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Aleta, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Aleta

    Amazing as it seems this tuna bite just seems to get better and better as the months roll on. The quality of the fish is outstanding - all the fish were 100lbs to 150lbs plus.
    Kept four and kicked the rest loose - not bad for a few hours work on a Sunday!
    Fun fishing for sure and enjoyed using our new Okuma Makaira reels.






    Capt Manny on the Whooper Stopper = pain
    A few shots of El Matador having a great day as well.......

  2. MikeyLikesIt

    damn you.

    damn you.

    damn you.

    WTG Clarke. :D
  3. P-rob

    Looks familiar! Glad the streak continues
  4. montanaman

    Nice report and pic's dude!

    Is it to much to ask to fed ex some fillets? LOL

    Wish I could have been there.

    Looking forward to seeing you and the family
    next month in "The last best place"!
  5. Steelheader

    Sweet. Like the boat.
  6. Capt Manny Advertiser

    Nice pictures Clarke,
    lots of fish out there this days..and yes, that wooper stopper was lots of pain hahah, those tunas are Grande..

    Come on down guys, still lots of them outside, and very hungry..
  7. Grand Grouper

    :appl: Thanks for the awesome report. Ready to jump on Volaris and head down there.
  8. Ali Admin

  9. Capt Manny Advertiser

    How was Alaska compa ?

    come on down, wide open on tunas right now

    Clarke, Nice mess of tuna!! Tell me more about the reels. What size were you using, are they as smooth as their advertising says, and the close up picture looks like an extra long handle??? After reading all the hype they sound like they might give the other two companies a run for their money!!
  11. Bogii

    great fishing clarke gonna putt out there next
    week to take a look thanks for the info
    any other info on the reels now that tiburon has
    taken over okuma??
  12. Mag Bay Yachts Advertiser

    Nice trip guys! I may just have to move the boat down a little earlier thank planned...
  13. johndtuttle

    more like Okuma now owns Tiburon :D. Okuma is a giant company in Japan with industries far larger than it's fishing interests I believe.
  14. Aleta


    I was impressed with the Makaira 15's. The fit and finish on them is very good and the drag was really smooth. Great live bait reel and made quick work of the 150lb class tuna using 80lb spectra. One feature that attracted me for PV use were the harness eyelets. From a guy who spent 5 hours pulling on a 300lber with a McGuyvered harness attached to a JX, I can see its benefit. Of course, only a season of PV style punishment will be the true test. I will likely buy a 20 and 30 for fly lining cabbies during cow season.
  15. brantc

    Nice work guys. Quality fish.

    Did you only fish one day, Clarke?

  16. Capt. Juan Moll Advertiser

    Great fishing again for team Aleta.