Sunday 3-22 Kona

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Hirize, Mar 22, 2004.

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  1. Hirize

    Well I finally got back out and the water was nice all day.
    Took my oldest son and we took off south and trolled 1/2 day.

    About 10:00 am the short rigger went off and a fish took lots of line out before we got it stopped, my sone kept the line tight while I cleared the other lines and then as a good son handed it over to me as it was my turn, he got the last Mahi and I still have not gotten one !!!

    Good fight and brought in a nice little spear fish or "chucker" as they are called here. Good fight on the light tackle.

    Water was absolutley fantastic!!

    Enjoy the pics!
    Aloha, Pete

  2. Hirize


  3. Hirize


  4. Hirize


    And by the way we released the fish.

  5. Hirize


  6. Hirize

    Planing on a Thursday and or Friday outing, water has been nice...hope it holds!

  7. Mstonefish

    Nice freaking pics again. Damn that water looks nice:cool:
    Congrats on the spearfish, and:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: on the release.

    Damn, I wanna move to Hawaii:D
  8. branman

    Great pics I'm stoked you have a good camera :D The water looks awesome.... in the first pic what did you catch the tennis ball on and it must have been a biatch to gaf :D

    Thanks for reporting in :cheers:
  9. Surfdoc

    Right on Pete... great pictures! Damn that is a cool looking fish.

    Keep it up..... I figure 100 or soo spearfish will equal your grander..:D
  10. Mot's Sr.

    Way to go Pete and son, that water looks toooooo gooood. Great pics.

    gunz gunz
  11. Hirize

    We were off-line from friday till Monday AM :mad: :mad: :mad: So we went fishing! :D :D

    The water temp is only 77 deg so its not summer yet:eek: :D It is sooo blue it is hard to take your eyes off it.

    Got some cloudy weather which they say may hang around till the weekend but the wind is down and the water is flat.

    Watch those grander jokes ........someday......:D

    Hope I get some more bites later this week.

    Aloha, Pete
  12. el bulgaro

    nice pic.we have to deliver a boat from hawai.good 20 trolling days
  13. Hirize

    el bulgaro,

    Thats lots of trolling time :) Make sure to take a camera and post lots of pictures when you get back.

    How many times have you done this???

    Are you going to be in Kona??

    Good luck and be careful!!!!!!!

    Aloha, Pete
  14. el bulgaro

    How many times have you done this??? never-this will be my 1st trip

    Are you going to be in Kona?? I dont know yet

    Good luck and be careful!!!!!!!

    Will be 20-25 trolling days from Hawai to California-sailing vessel :)

    this is hard job-sailing,trolling and beer
  15. TheShark

    Great Pic's Pete!

    Sia & I are still planning on June for our trip there...

    The water is so beautiful...

    I can't wait!
  16. Hirize

    Don't overpack! :)
    Shorts, swimsuit, slippers (sandels), sunglasses & sunscreen.

    Also for going out at night a light colorful sun dress or..........shorts! :)

    Looking forward to it!

    I will be confirming which tournaments we will enter in the next two weeks. Hopefully you will be here for one so you can be an angler......kick some male teams ass!! LOL!

    Aloha, Pete

  17. TheShark


    Game On!!!