Stripers in So Cal?

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by vegasandre, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. vegasandre

    Hi Guys just moved to Coronado . Used to be a big Jetty hopper on the east coast for striped bass. I know their are stripers in No Cal.

    It would seem like they would be in So Cal too. Has anyone seen any caught in the surf down here?
  2. simmo13

    Last one I saw caught in so cal was a post on here from south bay area but was probably last fall.
  3. blitzed

    hiya vegasandre, last year I saw a guy catch a very nice striper! it was on the south jetty, in the inner surfline...he was using a little trout pole, and fell off the riprap into the wild surf, refusing to let his prize catch escape...I was able to reach down and offer a helping hand heh!

  4. m_mcgourty

    It seems stripers in the surf are more of an incidental catch than on purpose. Although there was a guy just a couple months back caught some in Ensanda bay. I heard stories of CFG planting them streams and run off channels in SD and LA counties back in the day. Like I said, catching them down here in salt water is more by accident than design. If you really want a striper I'd head for Diamond Valley Lake.