Stripers are biting...................

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Saluki, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Saluki

    I got a call on Thursday from Gregg Silks that the stripers were biting full speed at DVL. He had a cancellation for yesterday so I met up with him at the launch ramp @ 0700. FKG didn't go because "dad, you've been skunked 3 trips in a row at that lake, I aint going back until you catch something". Well.................... he missed out on one of the best striper trips I've ever had. We caught fish on the bottom, 1/2 way down, and on the fly line. 6,8,10, & 12 lb line they were biting everything. Easy limits of fun fighing fish, especially on the 6lb line, that was a blast!!! If you're ever thinking about getting a guide for DVL you have to give Greg a call, he's one cool dude with a wealth of information that he readily shares with his clients. I left the lake with a smile on my face and a cooler full of stripers.

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  2. ConSeaMate

    Very nice......I've been waiting for the report......<label for="rb_iconid_10">[​IMG]</label>......
  3. wils

    beautiful stripers, saluki!
  4. Carl

  5. ib12fish

    Wow that's some outstanding fishing, now that they are bitting we start boat work monday :(
  6. fishaholic 1

    very nice good size. we all know you left the lake with a smile on youre face. but were you fishing?
  7. Bank Robber

    Very cool! Looks like you guys got some nice ones too!
  8. Simon Bon Bowery

    :lux:Sweet, looks like you guy's killed-em....

    I looked at the TV all day yesterday<label for="rb_iconid_10">[​IMG]</label>
  9. Gil Marlin

    It's what's for dinner!!! :D
  10. Bottom Line

    I didn't know Stan fished for stripers...
  11. Gil Marlin

    I was thinking the same thing... :rofl:
  12. Tues

    Beers are still gay...
  13. yakergreg

    Nice!!!! I love that lake. It just doesn't love me back.
  14. bmtrout77

    Awesome Brandon!
  15. Captain Curt

    I'm with you Greg. Got back into the freshwater game a couple years ago after being away for quite awhile. Don't have that lake down yet. But going to keep trying.

    Nice fish bud. I knew if you stuck with Mr. Z-plug it would pay off. Now let's get both our boats out there and knock the shit out of them.


    The boat "Whacker Tracker"
  16. deluxe247

    sweet! Did you guys happen to grab any on the zplug in the morning? or were they slamming bait all day?
  17. makohunterz

    nice catch, but you were supposed to pm me when you were gonna go
  18. m_mcgourty

    Congrates! I think I may have to sign up for a trip there!
  19. DoubletroubleII

    Sounds like fun..........way to go!
  20. Nice!! What's the best way to cook striper? Never had it before.