Striper 2101 cc or Wellcraft 212 cc

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by SSBELL, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Ive been lookin at couple of new boats 1 is the striper center console and the other is a wellcraft , they both seam to have ther pros and cons but I seam to like the Striper better it looks and feels a bit more confee. they both have 150 yamahas the wellcraft is aprox 600 lbs lighter but has about 30% less fuel capasity. anyways i found a 06 wellcraft and can have it for about 4k less that an 07 striper , please help !
  2. Double Z

    Have you checked Allison for Stripper prices?

    Thanks I will bo that , so far i have only been to Sea witch marine for the Striper.

    Thanks Steven

    Couple of pics of the striper

    Striper1.JPG Striper1 (1).JPG

    Couple of the wellcraft.

    Wellcraft (1).JPG Wellcraft.JPG
  6. Sick Puppy

    Whats the price range on these boats?

    the Striper is an 07 with some goodies for around 42 and the Wellcraft is an 06 with a 2k insentive is around 38 these are otd pricing
  8. Sick Puppy

    Tuff call there! Both boats are well built. Either one will be good!:)
  9. inSTANt bendo

    I wouldn't be concerned about the fuel capacity difference. The wellcraft is going to give you better fuel economy and over 200 miles range. That's further than you will ever want to go in a 21' CC.

    Be patient and whatever you do.....don't buy anything without out a sea trial. You may not like either may love both, but you gotta drive 'em first.
  10. KC Kevin

    1. Find one thats 2-3 years old, loaded with electronics and a bait tank and probably still spend less money. You might find one other stuff too, like a windlass, a cover, a stereo, outriggers, etc. This stuff costs thousands to buy and thousands to have installed professionally.

    2. Buy it from a private party who is not trying to make a living selling it.

    3. Be patient and be prepared to walk away if you don't get the deal you want. Its a buyers market and will get even more so in the next year.
  11. aguachico

    That's damn good advice.
  12. KC Kevin

  13. Afry

    That's double damn good advice!
  14. Afry

    Look hard at the above Parker. You wouldn't lose on that one.
  15. SSBELL

    This is great advice keep it comming! , one thing i need to mention is i have a wife , 2 girls and a boy , kids are 7 10 12 , the center console doubles as a potty / shitter . we will take it to the lake for tubing with then kids just as often as the islands or kelp.

    Thanks steven
  16. KC Kevin

    I don't know many guys that use that center console as a head. Climbing down inside there in a swell....I'll pass.

    If you have a family, strongly consider a cuddy cabin. Gives the wife a place to change, get out of the weather, store stuff, use the head, take a nap, :Lets_do_i, whatever. :D They generally ride much drier too.
  17. Afry

    Buy a 21'-23' WA forget the cc if you want the family on the boat more then once, course maybe that's not so bad either.
  18. SSBELL

    We looked at a few cuddy cabins and they were nice but in the 21" range they were just to small for all of us. and to get the one that would of been big enough was just to big to take to the lakes. my negibor has a 26' Livesay that i could get for 25k and that is a fishin Boat !! but taking it to the Lakes for tubing would be rough but for the 100 mile jaunt for tuna it would of been perfect!! but i mad the dission to keep the family :) and from what i here there are some people in here that take these boats out 60 miles all thoe not for me at this point:nopity: For the :_portable i think it will work well for the lakes , good point about swells !
  19. KC Kevin

    Whatever you get, you are going to have to compromise something. No such thing as the perfect lake boat/ saltwater boat/tubing boat/ fishing boat/ family boat. Just have to start with the greatest need and go from there.
  20. KC Kevin