Strike King LA Harbor 6/15 at Catalina

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by rdrrm8e, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. rdrrm8e

    Mikey invited me out for a birthday run to Cat. So I jumped on this boat with him.

    Left the dock at 0600 or so and straight to the bait boat for some good dines. The skipper had gotten some squid the day before and had about 1 1/2 scoops on the bow.

    We headed straight for Catalina and got there 2 hours later.

    Breakfast sammie was good with a Coors Light about 0700.

    Pulled into the island just East of Isthmus and poked around to the East in about 80' of water. Water was clean and clear...lotsa bait and birds in the water.

    All the bass you could want. All runts. Almost everything that came over the rail was bagged. I should called Cal Tip. The pinhead alone caught a couple limits and bagged them. I don't know how old he was....but he prolly needed glasses years ago...cuz if it came over the rail he would hold it up and declare "YUP...Atsa legal one..." And the skipper would wholeheartedly agree.

    Some nice slimers came over also on the dines. Lotsa them lost on the coffee grinders that everyone else was fishing.

    At one point I stopped fishing and helped out a lady that was from out of state and had never fished catalina. I showed her how to pick a bait, casted and hooked and handed for a while with her until she got the hang of it.

    She won JP with a 20.5 WSB later in the day...;-)

    We got some rat yellers and some nicer yellers (up to 16 #) and a couple more legal WSB.

    The crew fished ALL FUCKEEN DAY and were real beligerent when they got hooked up if anybody got into THEIR way.

    All exotics on Squid.

    The lunch burgers were the best I've had since Marco left the Pierpoint.

    I will never fish this boat again. Captain is too much an Azzhole. He was screaming and yelling orders at passengers who obviously had no clue on sportfishing from a cattleboat with rental spinners. Very bad form. He never helped them once. Just yelled or ran down and reeled their fish in.

    Deckhands are lazy, selfish bums.

    Fishing with mikey is aiways a total blast though and it was good to be on the water.

    BTW...the little gal who won the JP came up to me later and gave me a hug and a big thanks for helpin make her day fun. That made it worth it.

    Totals for the day for 12 fishers

    easily over 100 calicos
    6 YT fro 4 - 16#
    2 or 3 WSB to 20.5#
    12 cuda

    Some mud marlin that were released
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  2. fishkillerbill

    short calicos-fuckers should be shot at sunset :FU: Knowing what a big heart you have when it comes to kids that must have made your day--good going.We chose not to go out due to 87 people being on the boat-way too many for my liking.

  3. Mikey


    We had 12, including us, oh add in the pin and decks fishing... 16

    We out drank everyone too.

    I still had a blast fishin with my bro!
  4. jscrib

    Sorry to hear about the crew. Atleast you guys had some good quality beer drinking though. Always a plus.

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  5. Stoughty Rods

    Great report. WTG with helping that out of state lady with fishing. That is way cool. The fish gods will definetly be looking over you for the next trips you do. Glad to hear you guys had a good time! Thanks for the report.

    P.S. - If I knew how, I would give you a pos rep point for helping the girl! So just try to imagine that you have 3 rep points now!
  6. TGee

    I hear you on never going out on a boat with a crew that sucks.
    I will never go on the B.G. 90 because of the management, not the crew.
    flamer flamer flamer
  7. Az.monkey

    Clik on the scales underneath his name on the left of the screen at the bottom and pick positive post or negative and maybe add a comment on your choice
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  8. socalsurf1

    Who the fuck is keeping a 4 lbr yt?
    Dumb asses.
  9. Filthywhore

    Damn, I hate guys like that, I went out on the Cali Dawn out of Davies after Jackie had to sell it because of his Meth addiction, But they let Jackie on and with a full boat he was on top of the cabin spilling out hundreds of rounds out of a 22 at the Catalina seals, I know they are bothersome, but there were kids on the boat and noobs. I was embarrassed to be a fisherman lol.