Stone Brewing Reverses Support of MLPA!

Discussion in 'Marine Life Protection Act Initiative (MLPA)' started by OB Mike, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. OB Mike

    I received an email from their PR person regarding CEO Greg Koch's letter in regards to the overwhelming negative response to Stone's support of the MLPA. The letter is as follows:

    "Statement from Stone Brewing Co. CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Koch:

    I feel compelled to respond to the mistaken claims regarding Stone and our supposed involvement with the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA). Stone Brewing Co. does not currently support or plan to support the MLPA in the future.

    In April 2010 we were sent what looked like a very reasonable letter from SD Coastkeeper asking permission to have Stone Brewing Co.’s name added to a long list of companies in support of the Marine Life Protection Act. I took a look at it, decided it looked okay on the surface, and said okay.

    It’s arguable that that might not have been a good call. It was, however, the one and only interaction we had with the MLPA.

    Between April 2010 and January 2012, I received only one email asking me to support the MLPA, to which I never responded. Additionally, we were not contacted by any anti-MLPA groups requesting that we support their point of view during this period.

    Seemingly out of nowhere, in January 2012, we began receiving angry and accusatory inquiries about our “support” of the MLPA. When the accusations were brought to my attention, nearly two years after I received the initial letter asking for support, I was not aware of the issues, pro or con, behind the subject. Some people didn’t care, and saw us as a company on which to focus their online ire, beginning a litany of hostile accusations on websites and in emails. We responded to these comments with what we believed would end any speculation of our involvement. However, our response was dismissed by a small group of people who were very familiar with the MLPA. Admittedly, the MLPA issue was not something we were involved in, and not something we knew much about as it is not within our scope of business.

    Stone Brewing Co. in no way has ever supported, is currently supporting, or planned to support the MLPA in the future (other than the single misguided generic letter we responded to that I mentioned in the first paragraph). Saying we support the MLPA is like saying we’re supporting a particular political party because we once said we thought one of their policies seemed reasonable. We’ve participated in no rallies. Conducted no fundraising. There has been no activity by Stone Brewing Co. regarding the MLPA. None.

    We do participate in more than 500 charitable events a year, and have donated more than $2 million to local charities and nonprofits during the past 16 years. Is it possible that we donated beer to an event that was being held in support of the MLPA? It’s possible. Our policy is that if a 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 organization approaches us with the necessary and correct California Alcoholic Beverage Control paperwork, we most often say yes to their donation requests.

    Due to the unfounded accusations around this MLPA issue, we reached out to the San Diego Surfrider chapter and inquired whether any funds we ever donated had been channeled to the MLPA. In their response letter to us, they assured us they had not. To guarantee our non-involvement, we have formally asked them to only use donated funds from Stone Brewing Co. exclusively for efforts such as beach cleanup, runoff treatment, Hold On To Your Butt, and their Rise Above Plastics campaign (programs which most certainly are near and dear to our hearts). We’ve made it clear to them that we do not wish to be listed as a supporter of the MLPA, as we never should have been in the first place. We’re politically neutral, and it was an error on our part to have allowed ourselves to be listed on the initial letter.

    Since this letter covers how the events unfolded, this will be the last you’ll hear from us on this subject. If, after reading my account on the way everything played out, you still feel you will not buy our beer or visit our restaurant, so be it. Thank you for taking the time to read my account and taking into consideration the facts about Stone’s non-involvement in the MLPA issue.

    Greg Koch
    Stone Brewing Co.
    CEO and Co-Founder

    July 25th, 2012"

    It feels good that he took this issue head on and was not afraid to state that his company was unknowingly listed as a supporter of MLPA and then took corrective action.

    Who knows how many other companies are listed as supporters when they are not?

    We should focus on those that are actively giving money towards the progress of MLPA (Walmart, etc).

    Now I can continue to feel proud of my Stone tat!
  2. ConSeaMate

    I'm sure Surfrider will only use his donations for the beach clean up.....<label for="rb_iconid_6">[​IMG]</label>.....
  3. freedivr2

    Good for Stone Brewery for digging in and not stonewalling the questions/criticism aimed at them. I'm buyin their beer exclusively for them being forthright and giving us a sincere and honest response about their involvement and now uninvolvement with the MLPA. Good for them!
  4. Jurel Hunter

    I can feel good about Stone again!
    This calls for a Stone Smoked Porter in celebration - arguably one of the best beers to match with a fish sandwich.

    Also great to know that being vocal about these matters makes a difference. I'm very pleased with his letter.
  5. Sherm

    Sounds like they got the message.
  6. makairaa

    A little late to say oops, but I guess better late than never.
  7. stairman

    Like a woman that cheated on you can forgive but that doesn't mean you go running back.
    actions have consequences
  8. rza007

    Ballast Pt. > Stone 24/7/265
  9. matt colesworth

    I don't believe SURF RIDER.
  10. Smudge

    What about the other 100 days?:D
  11. Saluki

    Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
    I see it as his "Lead Indoctrination Specialist" Samantha Loveira was flat on her ass and failing miserably with her response concerning their corporate support of Surfrider and the MLPA process. Suddenly the CEO sends out an about face email saying he didn't know anything about it and only talked to one person, one time? Yo Greg, talk to Samantha because her emails sounded like she sure as hell knew what was going on.

    Take a good slow read at what Samantha was sending out to all who responded to Stone about their support of MLPA:

    Good morning!

    Many thanks for your note regarding the Marine Life Protection Act. Since opening in 1996, Stone Brewing Co. has been a big supporter of local, community organizations, supporting a variety of interests, activities, and deserving charities that benefit a multitude of different community and environmental causes. One such group that we have been proud to partner with since our humble beginnings is the Surfrider Foundation. We realize that their support of the MLPA legislation can be rather polarizing, however they have assured us that they are committed to working with the public and the science community in order to find a balance that protects special marine reserves, while not unnecessarily displacing those who catch fish for a living or for pleasure. They have set up a webpage to address frequently asked questions, which also contains links for submitting comments on current and future proposals, and we encourage you to voice your concerns there so that fair and agreeable solutions can be found.

    Samantha Loveira
    Lead Indoctrination Specialist
    Stone Brewing Co.
    1999 Citracado Parkway
    Escondido, CA 92029
    (760) 471-4999x1621
  12. hendo7

    sounds good because i like their beer and been trying other stuff since i heard they support mlpa but still not going to buy their beer till i,m sure
  13. Sherm

    Good thing I drink Jack and not beer.
  14. CalamARI

    Alright! I can drink Stone again!
  15. Enfuego

    I think he took the issue head on like a good business owner. I personally will start drinking Stone again. I think that was a very stand up thing to do.
  16. fishpainter

    Sounds good to me Stone is pretty much my favorite. Arrogant Bastard is awesome.
  17. bajaandy

    I have to say kudo's to Greg for even responding. Is it possible his company made a corporate decision based on insufficient information? Sure it is. Personally, I think it's commendable that the issue is now being addressed by the top dog of the company and not relegated to some "indoctrination specialist". My wife and friends will be happy because now I'll go back to Stone again.
  18. FishStalker

    Sounds like the same old Greg Koch I've known for almost 20 years.
  19. gecsr1

    Well he said he wants to be politically does that mean sitting on the fence.... or ?

    I'll still drink Coor's Lite....But if someone gave me a stone I may drink it ,instead of turning in down.... But I won't buy it......
    It would be nice to see that they would support our efforts....

    Okay I'm done....:hali_olutta: It's not Stone....It's Coor's Lite....:rofl:
  20. hendo7

    must have been loosing some business as a lot of fisherman drink beer