Steady YT fishing-6/9

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by mrmonty32, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. mrmonty32

    Went out on the Chubasco 2 heading for the Islands with 21 anglers. Stopped just off the Whistler Buoy on some birds and picked up 4 yt. The bite died so we went straight to the Coronados. As we rounded the corner of North Island we noticed that we were the only boat there on the SW corner. We chummed up some yt, anchored, and basically had a 2 hour yt bite with no less than 2 fishing hanging at one time.



    My total:

    7 yellowtail
    1 hooked and handed
    1 donated to another angler


    All but 2 of the fish were caught on fly-lined sardines. I started with 20# test and 20# fluoro and got bit real well. After looking around I realized that these fish were biting rope so I switched to 30# fluoro and still got bit well. Guys with 40# on coffee grinders were getting bit.

    My buddy caught 2 on the surface iron. Dorado color was on a Salas 7X was working for him.

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  2. brantc

    Thats great...there are a lot of fish hanging around. Great to see.
  3. DavidE

    Thanks for the invite .... again.... thought we were boyz man !!
  4. Carl

  5. ...whatever...

    thanx for that hand off dean!
  6. mrmonty32

    Hey Dan,

    Yea-no problem but it was even better to see you hook-up 10 minutes later on your own and land a toad!
  7. BajaConcept

    Alway the best no other boat around, good job catching all the yellowtail.
  8. Troy

    Nice! Thanks for the report.

    Sherm & I are on the Chubby 2 tommorow on someone's charter for work. Sounds like good fishing.
  9. fishpelagic

    thanks for the report

    ernie kicks ass!
  11. mrmonty32

    Ernie kicks ass but Captain Trevor, Chad, Grant, and Mike were on their A game yesterday!!
  12. Bucket bay

    way to get them Dean, be down there soon
  13. Qcentcinq

    Thanks for the Salas 7x Dorado tip, we'll pick up a couple
  14. LuckyTom

    Looks good boys...............Things are still shap'n up...........