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Discussion in 'Texas Fishing' started by vinsp, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. vinsp

    New to the board and just wanted to introduce myself and my boys. Went out on a friend’s boat last week and caught a few snaps. We fish the beach from Surfside to the Mansfield Jetties. Try to make a few trips to PINS every year and get off shore when ever we bum a ride.
    • State snaps/New guy-102_0432[1].JPG
    • State snaps/New guy-chris shark.jpg
    • State snaps/New guy-scott snap.jpg
  2. Luhr'd Away

  3. Saluki

    Nice job!

    Damn good eating right there!
  4. fishnRB

    Good job keeping the kids outdoors away from the TV/video games!

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