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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by split_finger_21, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. split_finger_21

    Hello all! I've been working with Bill Roecker for the last two years, and I've met a bunch of you on trips, at the docks, etc. but I'd like to hear anything and everything about any of his DVD's recently! I've filmed for him on his last 6 trips, so let me in on what you think. We just released Baja Tuna COWTOWN, it's definitly the best one yet.

    Right now, we're working on two DVD's. One on the Rooster with Glenn Kerr fishing Albacore, bluefin & yellowtail, and the other aboard the Qualifier, a trip that was just packed with longfin.

    Good or bad, let me know!

    Thanks again! and yes, that albacore that joe crisci's holdin is the biggest fish i've ever caught. dont make fun of me:) haha!

  2. fatbass

    Hey Paul, the DVD's are great. Just Recieved Baja Cow Town a little bit ago. One sugestion, could you include a few more tutortials in the video. For example, when filming a vid a Guadalupe talk about best apllications and conections for flourocarbon, how to fish the iron, dropper loop, ect. Basically more segments like you included in Baja Cow Town with the skip jig. That was a blast to watch. Speaking for myself, I've only been fishing multi day trips for 4 years so I am always trying to learn more. I usually buy your videos to prepare for an upcoming trip so the more knowledge presented the better. Thanks again for the great footage.
  3. split_finger_21

    thanks a lot chad, i'm glad you liked the DVD.

    We almost always "shoot" tutorials on the boats. the skipjigging in "baja tuna cowtown" worked out well but at other times, the tutorials wouldn't "line-up" with the actual fishing footage. It's almost always a case of "hind sight is 20-20"!! we'll have to shoot more variations in the future.

    our next scheduled trip is on the EXCEL may 31 to june 7th, i doubt we'll head to lupe, but we're excited to fish again with steward and fleck.

    thanks again!
  4. bayfisher86

    the bad thing was talking about the record grouper and showing the pic of the smaller grouper, not the REAL fish that woulda been a record except the rod touched the rail, i kno the guy that caught the monster grouper and we had a long talk about how he was very displeased with this and one of the deckhands on the trip...aslo how he caught the fish and it was immediately put in the hold by this deckhand instead of being filmed liek it should of been since other fish were on the deck.....i think the videos are great im just displeased with these things...sorry if i ranted but its nothing towards Bill or the videos
  5. split_finger_21

    I had a blast fishing with Ray, i'm a little upset that he didn't like that scene, but i understand why. we know that if the rod touches the rail, it's not a world record. i'm not exactly sure what every boat wants, but we were on another boat, and they didn't want us to film the big groupers. obviously this varies boat to boat, trip to trip, but we usually have a plan of what we want shot with the skippers/owners now. when ray was fighting his big--HUGE grouper, i was going over what i could film with Bill and Mark. if they didn't put it in the hold, we would have got some great pics. it just turned into a lose-lose situation, which sucks. tell ray i said hello, he can email me whenever. and i'd like to know when his next trip is. see if i can see him at the docks.
  6. pescadormejor

    I have enjoyed many of Bill's DVD's. I think I own about 6 or 8 of them.

    I really like the calendar that he puts out.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a little local inshore, surf or WSB action.

    Just a suggestion, but what do I know.
  7. bayfisher86

    will do thanx for clearing everything up

    Be careful, I think Josh owns the rights to "DVD" for this planet.
  9. split_finger_21

    Josh and Bill have gone over it already and everythings fine. There's no problem, in fact to be honest, I'm a little jealous cuz i think Josh's "Cow Town" logo is pretty cool.