St Thomas Fish Report

Discussion in 'Anywhere Fishing Reports' started by Assalt Weapon, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. Assalt Weapon

    Well I recently got back from a 10 day Vacation in the Virgin Islands. We were on a 65ft Sailboat called Drumbeat 1. Which is an awesome boat.

    This trip was OK. The Sun was to Hot, the beer not cold enough, and the nude beaches had some ugly women.


    It was great, had a blast. Went Diving for the first time. Dove the Rhone, 300ft ship that sunk in the 1880's i believe.

    Fished every day, however trolling behind a 65ft sail boat is a challenge, we did catch fish every day. The Barracuda down there are down right scary. They are twice the diameter of our bacacuda with teeth 4 times longer. Caught Strawberry Groupers, Jack Crevelle, Baracuda, Black Fin Tuna, Dolfin, King Fish, some weird looking fish that resembled a Permit, but larger, probably 30lbs...

    Toward the end of the trip, I chartered a 33ft Express Cruiser called Islander to go fish the North Drop...hopeing for big Blue Marlin, but got these instead.

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  2. squirtis

    sounds like a great trip, will be down there next June getting married, will be chartering at least twice during the 10 days...

    what was the name of your boat and how was the crew, price etc..

  3. Assalt Weapon

    Islander was the name of the boat.

    I booked it though the capt of Drumbeat (My Bro in Law). He is very well known and respected in that community. Basically he gets the Rich and Famous on his boat, if they ask to go fishing then he makes the recommendation....IE A GOOD MAN TO KNOW.

    He can get about 20% discount.

    The going rate for a 33ft sportfisher is $1250, typically leave in the morning and return early afternoon. We paid $900. Capt and Deckhand were very knowledgeble. Busted there ass and Changed the baits and lures often. Really couldnt ask for more, besides more active fish.

    The Hurricane Emily was about 150miles south of us at the time. So the water was 4-6ft and chewed up a bit.

    Its about 30-40 miles to the north drop from most places. You are there in about an hour.

    The best time for Blue Marlin fishing in Virgin Islands is Jul-Sept...
  4. squirtis

    Thanks, you got a contact e-mail or number down there for him.....

  5. Assalt Weapon

    I pm you the info you need
  6. ezlimitz

    That sounds like a lot of fun. Hard to do w/three little kid puking all over the boat.
    Maybe in a few years.