SS Baby Ulua, Black Steel, Daiwa Reel

Discussion in 'Fishing Rods and Reels For Sale' started by coastalwerks, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. coastalwerks

    10' Super Seeker Baby Ulua - $275 (PENDING PICK UP, THANKS RICH)
    Used once on a 3/4 day trip and in mint condition. Just added shrink tube last night to the reel area so your reel doesn't wiggle around. Light and its got a nice whip at the tip. Rated 20-40lb line. New retails for $370

    9' Seeker Black Steel G6490 CT - $200 (PENDING PICK UP, THANKS IAN)
    New, literally, and in mint condition. Hasn't seen salt water and i just placed shrink tube last night for the reel area. Has titanium Fuji guides. New it retails for $277. Rate 20-40 lb overall a great 40lb stick

    Daiwa Sealine 40HA - $90
    I picked this up just a few days ago along with the black steel rod and in near mint condition. Gear ratio 4.9:1 with 36.2" per crank. 25-40 lb.

    Tiburon Clamp TCU-L - $25 (SOLD, THANKS MOON!)
    Daiwa Saltiga 15 - 30, Daiwa Saltist LD40 & LD50, Daiwa Sealine X40 & X50, Shimano Trinidad 40. I have two available in the original bags. Thought i was going to use them but no longer needed.

    Here's the scoop, i missed the boat this morning by 5 minutes out of Point Loma. Since i had the day off and missed the boat.....i went shopping and got more toys. I take very good care of all my gear. No trades please. Local pick up in San Diego or will meet half way.

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    i'll take the tiburon clamp if it fits a 30t.
  3. coastalwerks

    PMd Alex.
  4. Legalizeit

    PM sent
  5. coastalwerks

    Reapondes to PMs on the stick and clamps.
  6. joker63

    i`ll take the 2nd clamp if ur willin to mail it...
  7. coastalwerks

    Hey Danny, moon has pinged me earlier on both.
  8. joker63

    ok thx anyways...LMK if it doesnt go thru...
  9. fxbobby

    I'm in San Diego and can meet up if you still have one of the clamps. Call me, Bob, at 619-200-7528.
  10. coastalwerks

    Hey Bob, i'm heading out with the kids for an hour or so. The 2 clamps are sold to moon. However, i have another clamp that is slightly smaller but will fit a trini 16,20,30, sealing x20,30, saltist LD 20,30. Not sure if this would be of any interest.
  11. fxbobby

    Thanks anyway. I needed the XL for my Saltist 30. Squidco sells the for $34.95. I didn't know that Tiburon made clamps til today.Thanks.