Squirtis - 40 Minute Gulf Record

Discussion in 'Louisiana Fishing' started by Enfuego, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Enfuego

    On the phone with Squirtis as he was leaving Venice. Venice went STUPID yesterday. 2 BIG EYE just under 200 lbs. Gulf records. Report coming tomorrow. Front Page Material!
  2. marlinmike

    right on keep the info going. good to here that the boy's down there are getting some nice one's.
    big mike @ melton's
  3. ConSeaMate

    The other Curtis is a cool dude........
  4. Saluki

    I like The Other Curtis almost as much as The Curtis. :D

    Very cool dude, WTG!!!

    Very happy for you buddy!
  5. marlyn

    wtg SQUIRTUS...
  6. Calmday

    New info. It was Four Big Eye just under 200lbs. Any one of them was a new Gulf of Mexico record. Venice is on fire right now.
  7. squirtis

    I think I may shoot myself...just spent over an hour writing and loading photos and suddenly the page just dissapeared:hali_parkutuli:

    Will make it short and sweet for now and put a good report up later..

    Venice La,
    water 72.5 and cobalt blue
    Discovery Enterprise Drilling Rig (amongst a few other stops)
    2 YFT 50lb and 80lb
    1 BET 158lbs!
    300lb blue marlin followed my popper..no hookup but bad ass!

    We think it was a LA record for bout 40 minutes LOL

    Capt. Hunter Caballero caught 3...yes THREE BET's at 163/194/197 and a Blue Marlin! AMAZING

    Saw Capt Kevin Beech at the dock and he had a 211 YFT!! His biggest ever down there...


    Full Report later..tired ..very tired

    Heres a shot of Rob (RobC,Fishtruck) with the 158


    A shot of Hunter pulling in the monster!!


    another one


    Thanks to everyone in Venice..coolest people ever and a bad ass place to visit and fish!



    More later!
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  8. customcat

    Good job dude! You are right, the fishing is going off here..... Come and get you summ....
  9. Almost Time

    Sick!! Fat fish!!!