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  1. Capt. G

    I like fishing buzzbaits in saltwater, especially for calico bass, and kelp paddy yellows and dorado (sometimes yft!). Most FW buzz baits get destroyed pretty quickly, or are made with hooks not suitable for sw.
    So I started making my own, about ten years ago.
    Here in Japan, they are my go-to lure for bringing up fish off a weedline, or floating log--especially shira (mahi).
    I have posted some of these lures before on BD--he is my latest design.

    Learning to work with single strand wire can up your game in SW....wire , IMO, should never be cut....

    bend a tag end 90 degrees, and it will break off cleanly. Wire can not be cut this clean with side cutters, and even a little tag will catch and cut your hands (ouch...when baitpole / squidpole tuna fishing), or catch and possibly cut your line.
    This is #300 wire--which is a good thickness for these SW buzzbaits.

    I slid on a glass bead, then a metal stopper bead, then the 4-blade, then two more stopper metal beads.
    Slide the wire through a 3 oz. weighted squid, and wire up a 7/0 Southern Tuna Hook (the strongest hook I have ever seen--used by the commercial guys here), and you are good to go.
    I like to use a gay (spinning) high speed Stella to get this thing up and racing across the surface...and 8K is a bit large for dorado, but my smaller spinners do not have the per-turn of handle line retrieve that the 8000HG has.
    Peace out.
  2. Josh D

  3. tsutomu

    thats cool.... i should try that on the ahi's
  4. Ali Admin

    Soooper fishy.
  5. el capo

    Cool thanks G.
  6. Big Pancho

    Looks awesome vato G. Thanks for sharing. Later homeboy.

  7. FAT CAT

    Hey Capt. G. have you ever trolled it? Lokks like it should work for that too.

    Cool - again.
  8. Capt. G

    I have "gay trolled" (on spinning tackle) many times. As we pull up to the FAD's off Dai-O-Oki , we make the first pass dragging our buzzers (or trollers) , and try to pull fish off the FAD. The mahi luv the buzzer!
  9. bowhunter29

    That's a pretty sweet idea. Me likey!

  10. FAT CAT

    Thanks Capt. G. Dorado (mahi) were what came to mind when I saw your awesome invention. They love things that make a lot of commotion.
  11. O.G. Crow

    These would work great in your area Bill
  12. Capt. G

    A US Marine sent me a PM and wanted to buy this lure.
    I told him his money is no good with me...I DO appreciate what our fighting men and women do to make the world safe(er) to live in.
    I am sending this one, and some other trinkets to him no charge.
  13. Gaji Lures

    That Buzz Prop of yours must make for some great underwater visuals, for the Pelagics!
  14. FAT CAT

    I love ya' man!
  15. umoa

    do your wires stay bent or do they bounce back to what ever shape you have em in? it would be tits if you can PM me what kind of wire you play with.
  16. Capt. G

    Umoa, this is NOT spinnerbait wire--this is singlestrand stainless wire, and is quite springy, which makes it a bit of a PITA to bend into nice round line eyes.
    If it gets bent on a fish, you can usually bend it back by hand, and if not, pliers will do the trick.
    I use Sevenstrand Stainless single strand wire...you can get it at any big game tackle shop.
  17. M4ttt0

    Capt G,
    i wanna try making this thing, it looks sweet! do you or anyone else know where to get the parts to make this in the Orange Country or LA country area? or even online?

    do you know what the dia of the wire is?
  18. Gaji Lures

    Cap! Making something similar but, for the land locked, Kokanee Salmon here! Went to my brother inlaws fundraiser for his football team on Saturday and met a guy who recognized my Bloody Decks jacket, with the embroidered Gaji Lures LLC. on the front. He couldn't believe that I actually was in Boise (sometimes I can't either) as he also drives the 6 hours to the Oregon coast when the Aku are happening and put in an order for some 5" heads. Anyway, he gave me the specs to what he thought was an irresistable Kokanee lure, and will be in the shop trying to figure ths thing out. Will post pics when I complete one!
    I'm a Blah, Blah, Blah, Blaah la!