Spin reels/30-60 lb test

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Moontide, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Moontide

    Whats your opinions on a spin reel under $200 that can handle a Tuna, say up to 100 lbs, power pro 30-60lb approx.
    Shimano baitrunner 8000, 12000?
    Penn slammer/live liner 760? [did I hear somewhere 22 lbs drag?]
    pros and cons on drags, other mfgrs? Keep service in mind. Where would it be serviced if problems occur?
    I understand it might be budget price, so feel free to mention $200-300
  2. tunanorth

    If you must stay under $200, the Penn Slammer 760 is a nice reel that puts out 20 pounds max drag, with the "double drag", all-metal body and rotor, and a the beefed up main shaft designed for braid.
    It can easily handle tuna up to maybe 75 pounds, but 100 pounds might be pushing it. In the popping world, reels are routinely pushed beyond the failure point, and certainly many tuna over 100 have been caught with it.
    Sometime late this summer, the Penn Conquer "8000" size will be available [around $249], with over 32 pounds max drag, and 9 drag washers each larger than a silver dollar.
    The Conquer series is also all-metal, everything heavily beefed up for braid, a spool lip that reduces "wind knots", and an ingenious access hatch that allows simple cleaning-lubing of the gears.
    Currently the biggest Conquer is the 7000, probably a bit too small for your use.
    The Conquers have been getting rave reviews from users, and may be the best spinner on the market in that $200-$250 price range.
  3. Outhouse

    I am no expert but I'm getting a Daiwa Saltist 6500. It claims to handle 33# of drag and has a very high speed retrieve, which might hamper the fight against a big fish. I have just had good experience with Daiwa reels. Their literature seems to say that they built it with reliability in mind. I would love to get one of their Dog Fight reels but it is $1200, I think.
  4. conchydong

    Shimano Spheros 18000FB.
    it is under $200.00 with large spool capacity (310yds 25# mono) and 44lbs max drag. The 14000FB has slightly less line capacity with same drag numbers
  5. Moontide

    Thanks for the answers
    Tunanorth, yes the slammer looks good for the price tag. And their new reels do look good.
    outhouse, I have heard a lot of good about the Daiwa's
    Conchy, those numbers seem to be up there, you would expect to see $300 on up to get that much drag, and I'm sure shimano looked at this carefully. If I'm right the baitrunners 8000,12000 have about 20 lb, 25 lbs.
    very good info thanks