Spectra to swimbait

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by zomees, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. zomees

    Was lucky enough to talk to Barry Brigtenberg (sp)
    over at the Fred Hall Show.
    Couple pointers about spectra for swimbaits thick in the kelp:
    - use the sd double jam - don't moisten (yes kep, I finally learned how)
    - you feel EVERYTHING so be patient
    - use a more parabolic rod

    Of course, I am sure most of you already know this already....
  2. Hara_san

    How are you posting there zomees. I thought you and CK were hitting up the yardhouse or hooters.
  3. zomees

    CK went off to Hennesy's..Yardhouse was a sausage fest...Line around the block...plus..., I'm a family man :D...
  4. Marcus

    Where's my fucking shirt!!!!!!

    Just kidding. It was good seeing you guys. I was trashed at the show after the yardhouse on Wed. I got some cool shit but wish I was a little more sober to see more stuff. When are we fishing? The WSB seem to be starting to pop up......

  5. zomees

    sent you a PM....

    if weather is good tomorrow i say we try for them WSB at the isles...
  6. gearho

    I to talked to Barry, Im going to have 3 new rods built for swim baits. I picked his brain for what to build. My rods are GUSA and 1 is fairly parabolic Im going to try it before I get ahead of myself. Fishing straight spectra is new to me.
  7. Sherrita

    I like spectra for pulling Calico's out of kelp.
    I need the feel and strength to not let them wrap up.
  8. Orca

    Word of warning on straight spectra to jigs . be sure your spectra is packed tite and you criscross the line widely. It will bury itself and snap off jigs.
  9. Fishslayer

    And don't backlash it... :o