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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by FishStalker, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. FishStalker

    I wanted to get some opinions on this.

    When I was first getting a reel spooled with Spectra, I asked Joey at Squidco what knot that they tied for the mono to spectra connection. He told me that they just used an albright with about 20-30 wraps of the spectra around the mono.

    I've made my connections this way ever since and haven't ever had a problem but I was re-researching the issue and it looks like almost everyone suggests tying a bimini on the end of the spectra first and then using the doubled end to tie the albright to the mono.

    Is there any real need to tie the bimini first? Is it supposed to reduce the tendancy of the spectra to cut into itself or the mono? Any idea what the difference in breaking strength is between straight albright versus bimini/albright?

    I've never tested my knots with a scale but they appear to be very strong. I'd hate to lose a big fish, though, on my spectra to mono connection, especially when I'm fishing a short topshot. Normally, with a 100yd topshot, I'm rarely into the spectra when on a fish so the knots never really been 'field tested'.
  2. Reel Trouble

    Bimini then albright to the mono, I used to do the samething as you but after learning the bimini it's all I use. Due to the thinness and strenght of spectra you really want to double it up. Like you said I have not had my old way fail but I would hate for it to happen even if it was only once. Go back to Squidco and ask Joey to teach you the bimini if you don't knowi it already. After a few times you will get the hang of it, you can learn it real fast. I think it's better safe than @$%# fish @#$% I had him and then @#$%^@.......you get want I'm getting at.

  3. ZZZZZ

    What # Test?

    For 40# under and even 50# I tie a basic uni to uni never had one fail and I fish very short top shots. Very tiny connection that casts well through the guides. If you have not tied a uni to uni I will show you on Friday and we wont stop till you got it down which will only take a few minutes probally.. Great way to connect Flouro too, smaller diameter flouro that is.

    No need for a serious knot. uni to uni for local stuff no worries very strong.
  4. Johnnyfish

    I'm with Brad, I've always used a line to line uni and never had knot failure.

    I just picked up a Trinidad 30 a couple of weeks ago at Pacific Edge Tackle and Jack loaded it with 65lb spectra and a short 40lb fluoro topshot using the Bimini, we'll see how it holds out this weekend.
  5. FishStalker

    How many turns of the spectra do you use for the spectra part of the unit knot?
  6. ZZZZZ

    I do between 9-11 turns of spectra and 4-6 turns of mono.

    More turns for lighter spectra/mono, less turns for thicker mono/spectra.

    Seems everyone has a preferance to how many turns but thats what I do. As of now not 1 has ever failed.
  7. Wahzoo

    I use #65 Spider Wire Stealth and use a uni to uni for mono and floro. Use the same number of wraps, (6) and have never had a failure. Have tied up to #80 leader. It is also a much smaller knot and goes through the guides much easier.

    Personally, I think the Albright & Bimini twist should be reserved for BIG fish... Those knots together act as a shock absorber... When I fish for big Grouper in Florida & the Bahamas I put a 4 or 5 oz egg sinker on top of my Bimini to a 15' leader... When I get hit by a Big fish, the Bimini will stretch to the point that the sinker slips down the leader & hits the fish in the mouth, distracting it so I can get a few more turns on the crank, LOL... Gotta get um out those holes...

  8. Produce Man

    Has anyone tried the Stren Knot? It's a uni in the mono over the spectra and a 8-12 turn improved clinch spectra over the mono.

    I tied this on my baitcaster,12# mono to 30# Stren Super Braid. Again a real compact knot and strong for the application.
  9. FishStalker

    Jay, I never looked real close at your avatar until now.

  10. ZZZZZ

    Me either. Thats awesome. I dig it.