Spectra to Mono connection modified albright

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    We have been testing this knot for a while now and it has proven with flying colors. It breaks a little bit above the breaking strength of a albright/bimini. It is the same concept but without the bimini and a whole lot smaller. (Also I am going to leave these pictures huge so you can get a better view of the line and I am apologizing ahead of time for the picture quality I am still getting used to using this camera).

    1st you make a loop with the mono and run the spectra up from underneath:


    Then you wrap DOWN 7 wraps:

    Then you wrap back up 7 wraps and go back through the exact same way you went in:

    Wet the knot and you can push it down all the way to the mono with your fingers before you pull it tight to make it cinch down clean. Then use your dowels and wrap the line around them and cinch it down tight. The Spectra will turn opaque when this is done right and you will be in business!

    Well this is what I am using or the bimini to albright. This knot is fast to tie and you can apply some glue to add some more confidence if you feel you need to do so. I do not use glue and it holds up fine. A couple of my friends have been using this as well with short topshots of flouro on there rigs lately on these 2 day tuna trips with absolutely no problems. When we tested this knot it broke 2lbs higher then the albright bimini. We also tried it with various amounts of wraps up and down and this is the best combo we came up with, 14 turns total 7 up and 7 down. Sea tested and shop tested, tie one up and see what you think.
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    Bristol is not the same knot. The Spectra goes in the loop and wraps 7 times up but not 7 times back down. But that is very interesting I haven't seen those results b4.


  7. coryellk

    Great post. 'Been using that knot for years. It's never broken on me. I leave a quarter inch of the spectra tag end as a line or strike indicator. It "fluffs" up nice. I also cut the mono tag end at a 45 degree angle so it doesn't catch on the guides.

    If you fill each of your reels with spectra and take along a selection of fluorocarbon spools, you can change line classes at will.
  8. seabasturd

    yeah....i change mine out in less than 1 minute......
  9. Swarthy Dago

    That's the one Wyatt ! Double up on the spectra if it's small diameter.
  10. Jighead

    I tie that knot too. I end both the mono and the spectra with overhand knots, with more turns for the spectra
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    When you wrap the spectra 7 times up the mono loop, do you leave a space between the wraps for the 7 times down, or do you wrap the first seven tight and wrap the 7 down over the top of the spectra wraps?
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    The final overhand knots to finish the Tony Pena Knot is a good idea. You can also use Pliobond or other suitable glue to help protect this knot and also make it more streamlined. I just came back from Panama where I landed 100+ lb. yellowfin tuna using only Pliobond with the same knot over and over with 65 lb. Power Pro and six feet of 100 lb. P-Line leader with no problems (that is, of course, except trying to get the tuna to the boat!). I use 12 turns up/down on the leader. I've never broken this knot.

    Tony Pena
    "The Roving Angler"
  13. BOILER

    Who's Matt?..I see that you copy and pasted this response from another thread also (Knots..Knots).
  14. Wandering Blues

    Thanks for the info. I'm about a crap knot tying fool as there is. I nailed this one first time out with the pics and repeated it several more times. I wish I had read this before my tuna trip when my other go-to knots were slipping on the spectra. Thanks again!
  15. BOILER

    No worries glad to help.
  16. occams razor


    Yes easy not . I am wondering if anyone has come up with a open loop knot for mono that can be used to do loop to loop wind on leaders.
    The bimini has nearly 100% (more than 100 % with Momoi's Diamond) on everything I have tested.
    Man that Momoi diamond is strong **** ! Test well beyond it stated strength as everyone says. I kind of like that .....like getting more than what you paid for ; ) .
  17. BOILER

    Triple Surgeons will provide you a loop in about 1/100th of the time. Also on your bimini how many times are you wrapping it? If you're doing more then 12 you're waisting your time, I have seen the results of tests with a machine and 12 tested better then 25-40 like most people believe.

    There is also an article in one of the fishing mags that will confirm this, once I find it I will post the Mag name and issue.
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    In my experience I do just as well with the triple surgeon like BOILER said. Ray Charles could tie it. (Yes I know he's blind and dead.)
  19. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Whats modified about it? Same knot I've used for years and always just called it an albright
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    sounds good to me