Spectra - Hollow vs Solid

Discussion in 'Oregon Fishing' started by SLS233, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. SLS233

    Just wondering, other than being able to make wind on leaders, are there other benefits to hollow core?

    I'm respooling my reel and was thinking I'd use solid-core for the backing then attach a hollow-core section with a reverse loop. Seems a lot less expensive. Am I missing something? Why have 3 to 4 hundred yds of hollow core when all I need is to attach a hollow section with a loop at the end?
  2. lasparky11

    I just redid some my reels 60lb & up. I used solid then topped off with 100-150 yards of hollow. I used the same size hollow as solid. Worked it right up it the hollow 5' with an overhand knot where the solid inserts into the hollow. Saved myself over $300. 130lb Izor hollow is not cheap. Besides you can get more solid on than hollow. We took one of my 12LT spooled it with 80lb hollow got 400 yards. Then spooled it with solid with a hollow top 400yards solid 100 yards hollow. I'm results will vary depending on how tight you put it on, + different brands vary in diameter
  3. Stickfish

    Splicing in a new section is another benefit - use a 10' piece of the same size hollow and splice solid to hollow to solid, or hollow all the way
  4. G-Spot

    What type of fishing do you do? Do you go long range or is this strictly local NW fishing? Hollow is nice for splicing wind-ons and other connectios, but if these are trolling rods for albies or halibut rigs ther is no benefit.

    If you want a knotless connection to be stealthy for live bait then it would be helpful to have hollow.....

    You really need to clarify the use of the gear and line size to get good advice.
  5. SLS233

    Thanks for the info guys.

    G-spot -

    I plan to fish for NW albies. Would I rig-up differently if I were going long-range? Why?

    I'd like to have three set-ups, troll, jig, livebait. Any reasons to use hollow vs solid for these different applications?
  6. Stickfish

    I use wind on leaders in the PNW - short 15' 50# shock sections for halibut, 100' 25# for live bait/swim bait/iron and inshore bottom fish, 100' 50# for trolling albacore. Each type of leader goes on a different color leader spool Very easy to change leaders - very easy to get your spread set fast
  7. lingasaurus

    I reccommend just buying or learning to ty some wind on's. Or learn a good splice knot with a little gorilla super glue(impact resistant) has never failed for me. The hollow is more about casting distance IMHO so no knot means more distance. I agree with Stickfish, well said.
  8. Outhouse

    I can't explain it the way Jamie aka fishordie explains it. He is convinced that you don't get a 100% connection when you splice solid to hollow, thus I stripped off 500 yards of JB 80# solid and replaced it with 500 yards of JB 100# hollow. Anyone need a big spool of 80# solid? Jamie is the most knowledgable fisherman I know.
  9. lasparky11

    Yes how much?
  10. G-Spot

    Yes to me there is a different application for hollow than solid... The following is my opinion only and others may use it differently, but this is how and why I use it.

    Troll rigs: No need for hollow at all for me, the drag takes care of the shock of the fish hit..... I use straight solid spectra to a good grade of snap swivel.... all my clones are pre-rigged with 6' leader ( most have 100 lb mono or stronger) They are not line shy for clones and cedar plugs... with a swivel to snap into... quick change, Solid spectra gives you more capacity, less drag in the water not that it matters.... Basically, I cannot see a reason to spend money on hollow for troll rigs...

    Jigging or live bait: Definitely a good idea to have a section of hollow, if you are going to use loop to loop or in line splice. If you do not use one of these knottless connections there will be no benefit to hollow. Hollow is slightly larger, so it actually will cause more drag for jigging or tiny little sardines trying to tow it.....

    Once again, hollow will not provide a lot of benefit, but might be helpfull if you want pre-made topshots. Solid with a bimini and albright or bimin and worm knott will give you a nice connection with a mono topshot, that can easily be changed out..... This is what I use for local Albies....... Simple, easy and can be changed easy.... light line will get thrashed, so a bulk spool and a topshot can be changed after every trip.....

    Long range VS. local fishing..... Long range trips, I definitely use hollow for heavier stuff for the quick easy change of topshots.... I make my own wind-on leaders, and I can change one in a minute, I can upsize the line, downsize, change because it was stretched or scuffed, etc.... On long range I still use bimini to albrigt or worm for lighter stuff......

    Basically, wind-ons for light weight gear is not a real benefit to me.... If you want to add a piece of hollow to the end of your solid it is easy..... simply thread the solid up in 6 feet or so..... Tie a simple overhand knott at the base of the hollow, pull it real tight.... this leave a small bump in the line that wont be noticed..... the solid would have to slip 6 feet through a knott.... Not going to happen... I did it for my friend on a long range trip this year.... he caught a 220 lber and it didn't budge.....

    Hopefully this helps...
  11. G-Spot

    Has little or nothing to do with casting distance at all hollow is a larger diameter and casts worst than solid.... solid is a smaller diameter, less drag in the water, less drag in the wind when casting etc...

    Mostly it is used in the higher line class, because bimini and worm knott is so big it has a hard time getting through the guides on the big stuff...... it is about a knottless connection, that will go easilly though your guides, cause less drag in the water for your bait to tow.

    It is also about wind-on leaders, so you can change out a leader fast while in the thick of things, but once again the small line class can easily be change out using a worm knott...

    Many guys don't use hollow until you get over 100 lb..... 30-60 lb class can easilly use bimini with albright or worm knott....
  12. Keta

    Hollow lays flat on the spool and does not dig into it's self as bad as solid. I use hollow for everything over 40lb except my deep water halibut reels, 65lb solid for them because it has less line drag.
  13. G-Spot

    I have found if the line is on the reel tight I do not have an issue with either digging in.... It does have to be tight though!! That does not justify Hollow to me.... If you are not doing knottless connection you are not doing Hollow any justice....

    Just my opinion Keta.... I use a glove and put the solid on tight....

    I have never had a problem with it digging in even on Albie trolling reels where it gets hit pretty hard with a nice run following...... No problem with Solid 65 lb.... Hundreds of fish and never a dig-in problem??? Maybe I'm lucky.
  14. G-Spot

    There is a similar conversation going on over on the long range board right now..... Good info over there as well, but it is mostly geared towards the larger stuff....
  15. Keta

    Even hollow needs to be put on tight.
  16. Spoonplugger

  17. lingasaurus

    Sorry I disagree. I will put my Talica 8ii and hollow against any solid for casting to NW albies. I light line and use wind on's and or run my flouro 6ft up the hollow. Any loop to loop will out cast a knot in the guides anytime IMHO. You do have some good points and good info that is much appreciated. But casting with large splice knots are not the ideal for casting.
  18. G-Spot

    I do not have large spiced knots, that would be the difference I guess..... Solid out cast hollow when comparing line to line..... This discussion isn't about knots VS. loop to loop...

    I use solid to a short flouro leader it does not even count as a top shot it is about 6' long and has little or no effect on casting.... secondly, if you tie a nice worm knot is also has little effect on casting.... There are no big knots in my equations......

    I was responding to your blanket statement that hollow cast better.. simply not true..... You did not say your hollow casts better because of your connection.... The original post was asking of benefits of hollow over solid, the info I was giving was to help the original poster to gather real information of hollow vs. spectra.....

    If he is not going to use inline splice or loop to loop there is really no benefit to hollow for him.....

    Doesn't matter what kind of reel you have line for line solid is known for casting better; just cause you have a Talica doesn't mean you trump common knowledge out there...

    If you want to confuse the issue and compare types of reels, lever drag, versus star drag, magnetic cast versus digital cast and which knot was used that would be a different thread.....
  19. Booja 1

    Just wondering why go to all the trouble using "string" with whatever connection when tossing to NW albies. How about straight mono?

    As a general rule it's not like you're fishing the 'Lupe or da "Rocks" where you may need a long soak to get bit on finicky fish.........where you may go bendo on a 100lb plus fish on 40 lb and have a need for line capacity.
  20. G-Spot


    For me I converted to spectra over 20 years ago fishing salmon and steelhead on the rogue river.... I use it on pretty much every reel I've got, "Da rocks" or otherwise. I can put 50 lb braid and it is the size of 12-14 lb mono, so it is light as a feather....

    My salmon reels I put on 30lb braid and it is so small there is less line drag etc.... The only problem I have ever found with braid is that it is so thin it wont hold in a downrigger clip.... I have to run a mono line on the downrigger rods.....