Speargun Hunter starting 10:30

Discussion in 'Spear Fishing Reports and Info' started by Double Z, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Double Z

    On Outdoor Channel

    Right now.

    Looks like a good one, they are out on a 2901 Wellcraft Coastal
  2. TEX

    What is the difference of VS and OLN. I heard they were the same but VS doesn't show Speargun Hunter.
  3. Kareem Korn

    Thanks Z, I Tevo that sht. Love that show. Just wish that cameraman Terry Mass dent wear the man thong so much.
  4. Fresh One

    Love the show. Especially the hottie. Gotta love a hottie who kills fish.
  5. Double Z

  6. torbac73

    Hey wo wo wo...Ther's a show on spearfishing!? 10:30 am or pm, And what channel?
  7. Double Z

    It was am and it's on Outdoor channel on Dish Network.
  8. torbac73