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Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by alanstorie, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. alanstorie

    Hey what kind of spark plugs should I use in my ski boat -- it has a chevy 350 in it and a OMC cobra outdrive its 20' long....
  2. Mots

    Bring an old one to napa to match, they're about half price as a boat shop.
  3. Kurt

    But make damn sure they cannot get wet! And grease the shit outta em on the threads on install. Been there done that, saved a buck and spent quite some time with busted off plugs etc with the non-marine ones. I'd a been fine had I applied thread grease first and/or didn't have a hose break spraying the outside of the block with saltwater.
  4. alanstorie

    So they make a marine style one? I bet the old owner used normal ones in it... shit! I hope I won't have a hard time pulling the old ones out.....
  5. Kurt

    Probably be a good idea to pull and grease em.
  6. Mots

    Napa had my same MARINE plugs, only they were $1.25, instead of $4.00 at the boat shop.
  7. Kurt

    Mots my wrong. They do carry the marine stuff. Lotsa guys use the truck stuff if they have freshwater cooling and a decent enclosure to keep the plugs dry.

    For that matter NAPA's shit is almost always cheaper if they carry it regardless of the item.
  8. alanstorie

    Cheap is good $$$$$$ Thanks for the advise....
  9. Mot's Sr.

    Send a PM to DaGoose, he just bought 100 plugs on the internet, cheap, due to trolling and low RPM's the engines really go through plugs and they get fouled up fast.