southwest 371 yellows 5-14

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by spearman, May 14, 2004.

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  1. spearman

    Just got back in today, what a beautiful day on the water. Sunny and a light breeze. As for the fishing we ended up with 9 yellows in the 6-12 lb range off one kelp at 08,40. Nice blue water with many kelps in that erea. Started out at around the 425 in cold, ugly green water then worked out to the west. Stopped on many kelps for nothing. Its all about finding the right one! Reports on the 181 and 182 sounded good today,hope this early info helps. 390 sounded a little slow but we were off the water by 1:30. Good luck, go get em, there here! Thanks to Ryan and Kyle for a fun day on the El Dorado

    Taylor on el Toro
  2. jesse

    you should consider releasing the smaller 6-10lb youngsters.
    these are the fish that return as 15lb+ yt's next year.
  3. el Toro

    Way to whack 'em bro. Must run in the family. :FU: for getting out when I was working.
  4. Sluester

    NICE................................................................................... and legal!
  5. sickcat

    I believe they grow faster than that. A 10 pounder now will be 13-14 by October with good feed.
  6. jesse

    All the more reason. But I must admit, the little guys taste alot better than than the larger ones. Either way, good job on the yellows:D
  7. Surfdoc

    Great report... I should have spent more time on the producing paddies and less on the ??? Albicore.

    Hey I'd love to get a limit of 10#'s... man they eat sooooo fine! :D
  8. spearman

    Thanks for the come back guys.Good luck to all fishing Sunday,lets hope the weather holds for awhile. Hopefully we will have another good week of offshore fishing.Nate just put in new batteries and fuel filter for the El Toro, planning on fishing wednesday.

    Good luck and tight lines El Toro
  9. jimgilmour

    whos this guy crying about small y-t. probably some land lover , save a tree dont eat meat kind of person.
  10. jimgilmour

    who is this cry baby talking letting y-t go must be a tree hugger
  11. spearman

    Hey fucker,whats new up there? Thought you were coming down last weekend. This season is off to a insane start. Can't wait to fish with you this summer. It's been too damn long since you have posted! Whats your cell number i lost it.
  12. TheShark

    Yeah Dano!

    What the hell happened to you?

    Your ass better make it down in two weeks buddy! Make sure you have your girlfriend understanding that fishing come first by then!

    Good Job on the Tails!
  13. CaptnJD

    The little guys make the best sushi and grill up tastier than the the big uns. I say let the big ones go to spawn and make more babies, and become monster tackle busters.