southern cal 12/16

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by fishpainter, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. fishpainter

    Fished with a handfull of locals on the SC ..god these guys can fish..I got 4 bass and a BIG batray..these dudes got limits to just over limits...It was fun watching people that really have it wired and learning a bit too.Straight leadhead fresh dead squid..50 lb spectra..40#topshot..
  2. michael

    What no pics? WTF??? :D

    Good going Matt. I need to slay some bass, this shit is getting old.

    Nice boat.
  4. Lil Ceez

    Where was my phone call?


    Lil ceez
  5. atpjunkie

    good report but I don't think saying "just over limits" on an internet board is a good idea. You've just made it so some of the guys you were fishing with were (by your statement) breaking the law. It is a pretty much cut ad dried admission of guilt.
  6. fishnfool

    He didn't say kept...he said got. Many people catch "over a limit". Nothing illegal there. What you take is what matters so I don't think he jeopardized anyone in his report.
  7. Balboa29

  8. fishpainter

    I am going again this Sunday..Beak too...can you go?
  9. smokincan

    Mongo want translator?

    Good fishing with you again Matt. How much did Eric pay you for the day.
  11. spike

    good going Matt. What ever happend to Larry Burke, I no he only filled in over their, he use to wrap my sticks.
  12. dennykrb

    Hey Matt,,,,I'm glad you really like your "new" rod,,,,,Seeker 90F......maybe you need another for a back up...I have 2 since I really enjoy using it for the bass fishing. Reeally cast well and really super sensitive with the leadhead or live bait. Denny
  13. fishpainter

    Denny,I am so down for that Seeker.I can underhand cast pretty damn good.I will talk to you about it later..Thanks for the knot too. Matt
  14. fishpainter

    I think Larry was on the boat...Sunday?can you go?
  15. spike

    no I can not, but thanks for the offer
  16. fishpainter

    Ya he should of..I cracked him on top of his head with my rod as I was going by with the batray..he was bitching at me about that...he didn't want to let me by...sooo..ouch!cya on the water Robert.
  17. Az.monkey

    Move Bitch, get out da way, get out da way bitch move ! :rofl:

    Glad you got out with a good group of guys Matt, good luck on sunday bro !
  18. tsurikichi

    Hi fishpainter,

    Good job !! Those Monday regulars ain't too shabby either. Sunday and Monday ....those real fish catchers scare me .... the smell of blood in the air and all ... so I go on Tuesday with a bunch of old geezers like myself !! Even the deadheads are all laid back and cool.

    Went to the landing today but got rained out !! Twice in a row that I call at 7:15 am and between the time I leave the house and get to the landing ... the boat is cancelled !!

    Enough already! Glad to hear you had a good day. Rayan or Collin ... they'll put us on the fish. Can't wait until about all we can target are the Bass! heh heh heh !