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Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by JollyGreen, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. JollyGreen

    Does anyone fish or catch off the south shore ledge? I have never seen anyone reporting from there. Just wondering if I should waste time there, but the views of diamond head are nice! :)
  2. rsokolowski

    The ledge by the diamond head light house normally hols fish (good for live bait), and the Pine Trees area off off Barbers Pt/Ewa Beach normally has Ono's or Mahi's. Besides that it is hit or miss, but mostly miss.
  3. rsokolowski

    The sea buoy at Honolulu harbor sometimes holds bait (Opelu) and I have baited Mahi there in the past (small kine).
  4. jagerhunchback

    barbers/ewa is solid for onos, we always seem to catch there when we target them. scott aka navyaircrew had a banner day a few months back, i think he got 8 pieces
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  5. JollyGreen

    Awesome guys! Thanks for the responses. We've been trolling the same grounds over and over and it will be nice to switch things up a bit. :)
  6. jagerhunchback

  7. crazyboat

    I have been frequently fishing the South Shore ledge (Koko Head to Diamond Head) for many years, using everything from surfboards to large boats. It usually holds a lot of aku and mahi, but for some reason this year it is dead. Worst I have ever seen it. I guess it is just the way the currents are moving around. Hopefully they will change soon and the fish will come back.
  8. russell kato

    The ledge (40 fathom) off of Hi Kai to Diamond Head is home to Onos, Mahis, Aku and shibi. Fishing for Onos off of these grounds are usually the best around April-June with the peak typically in May. You may occasionally catch one or two any time of the year but then, again it really is a hit or miss thing. The same goes for Mahis but usually they are a little further out and in the current lines. Like it has been mentioned, this year has been unusually slow around here. You may want to start bottom fishing.
  9. JollyGreen

    Hey guys,

    Thanks a lot for all the tips! We went out today, launched from Nimitz Cove next to the Pine Trees and made it out to the ledge and fished a few hours. I was mostly trolling Ballyhoo/Sayori. Picked up a 16lb Kawa Kawa and we had 3 mahi on the line, but were only able to boat one 9lb mahi! It was great fun!

    It was a really nice day, small swell and lite winds (12-15kts) no large gusts. Amazingly I didn't see any other boats trolling, I figured someone would go by, but nothing.

    Can't wait to eat some fresh Mahi! Oh, I looked at the contents of the mahi stomach, small malolo, baby box fish, baby trigger fish, small papio some small bait fish (sanma maybe). Also, lots of long green stringy things 4-5 inches long each, maybe 10-20 in there, I guess some sort of tape worms....kind a nasty.

    Thanks again!

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