South Dakota Goose/Pheasant hunt

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by breacher, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. breacher

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  2. el Toro

    Screw the damn birds, look at that hog of a whitetail shed!
  3. Carl

    Cool thread! SD is on my bucket list......A couple of my buddies went about 10 yrs ago. I have to suffer through them re-re-re-re-retelling the stories from their trip everytime we hunt together to this day.....:shake:.....:D
  4. Sluester


    Don't worry about Nate he hates bird hunting for some reason....

    South Dakota is a great state to hunt, for those of you who like Pheasants, it's incredible!

    We've had some 100 bird days on the snows and 10 bird days on the snows. The spring snow/blue hunt is tough and getting tougher every year.

    Great people n SD
  6. rdrrm8e

    11011 twelve gauge pl.:rofl:

    Bucket list for sure.
  7. el Toro

    Don't hate it at all. I've bird hunted all my life. It's a ton of fun. Just now that my time is more limited, I prefer the challenge of the biggins'. I'll still gladly bust out the shotgun once the tags are filled. I'm just sayin' that is one heck of an impressive whitetail shed! Gret mass.
  8. breacher

    Yeah, its was a lot of fun. If I could afford to do it every year, I would in a heartbeat. Two of our guides were actually from out of state, Iowa and New York. They worked for another outfit based out of Missouri. They basically follow the spring snow goose migration. Check out both sites, hunt up north had a few days where they shot over 200 birds per day. Missouri has no limit on the snow geese, SD it was 20 per day.

    The lodge had a wall with about 20 euro mounts of the bucks killed on their property (which is about 16,000 acres). There are some absolutely monster bucks killed there. They guide for deer too. The sheds were found daily. I spent just as much time looking down at my feet as I did for roosters.
  9. Biggie Marlin

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: thats funny... SLU..