south bay skiffage 4/30

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Hali Hunter, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Hali Hunter

    After getting some stuff done in the morning, pops and myself headed down to rent a skiff. Got the yacht around noon and made our way down to the big yellow buoy thing. I had pumped some shrimp that morning so I was determined to bag a bone.

    Fished the whole drift with the shrimp and got a nice yfc and a bunch of bass. Dad fished grubs and swimbaits and got a grip of bass as well.

    Made a few more drifts in that general area and did ok on the bass. Only got one hali at about 15" on the 4-lb...gotta love it!

    A great day on the bay even though it was a bit windy...

    Left the camera in the car..DOH! slap:
  2. Kelp King

    Nice report. How much did the calico in your avatar weigh?
  3. Hali Hunter

    Ill give you the whole story...*prepares fingeres for vigorous typing...*

    Our boat had been in the shop for about 9 weeks and it was killing us. We finally got it back and that day took it out to the kelp with only a few rods and stuff on board..(no digicam)

    Had a good day and was about to call it quits when I get my fastrac caught on a mat of kelp on the surface. :Beat_Them Started trying to shake it off, but being 30 feet away it was kinda difficult...kept shaking, kept shaking...BAM!! The fish blew up on the bait and tore it off the kelp and hooked itself!

    First off, the beast swam down and wrapped itself in some thick stuff and I thought it was all over. I tugged a little bit, but only being 10 lb test, couldnt pull that hard. Started thinking about busting it but said to myself "oh no you dont, you saw that fish's head!"

    Kept pulling and pulling and finally, it came out! Fought it hard for five minutes or so and it finally gave in and came to the boat...HOLY $}{!^!!!

    We searched frantically for a camera and finally found and old disposable that had been sitting there for a loooong time. Hoped and prayed that it worked and set her free. Our scale was also not on board but we estimated it at 11-12 lbs...31" in length and fat!

    Took the camera in that afternoon and they said it was too dark and it was no use. :nopity: I thought there had to be a way and we took it to a special photo shop and they got it out.

    It was a fish of a lifetime and one that I will never ever forget.
  4. Calico

    Kudos to you for releasing that brood stock. I read your story when you originally posted it and it was awesome you thought about the fishery instead of the wall. Good karma is always rewarded.
  5. Hali Hunter

    Yeah, keeping it never crossed my mind.