South 371 5-14

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by SeaDawg, May 14, 2004.

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  1. SeaDawg

    Fished a paddie about 5 miles SW of the 371 for 12 Yellowtail on 1 drift. There were 4 or 5 other boats on the paddie and at 1 time everyone I could see was bent.

    When we pulled up there were 2 boats approx 25 and 35 yards downwind of the paddie. We went up wind/swell about 150 yards and shut the motor down. I threw a blue & white iron towards the paddie and hooked up a YT. By the time I got it to the boat, YT were crashin all over around me. We had thrown a bunch of bait. I got 2 more on iron and then switched to bait cause I got cut off by my son's bait line.

    My drift took us kinda close to the paddie and I may have pissed someone off. Hope not, but if I did, sorry. We drifted right past the paddie another 100 yards and ended up with 12 YT on that 1 drift. I just pulled off after the 1 drift just about the time WhippetGood was pulling up to it. We left them biting.

    Trolled a bunch for only 1 YT. What a beautiful day on the pond. Sure beat working all to hell :)
  2. Mo Betta

    Thanks for the report Harry. I was just trying to figure out tomorrow game. I wouldnt worry about the bad drift, everyone has done it atleast once. Just be glad your not the Big Bambu......
  3. Sluester

    Great job Harry! I don't think drifting tooooo close to thre paddy hurt tooo much from what I've witnessed the past 2 trips. They are not too picky and it seems like they aren't to close anyway. I'm sure if you shut the bite down you'd have heard about it. ;)

  4. FishWiz

    Nice job Harry. Wish I was out there with you instead of impacted at work.

    Show us how it's done.
  5. Surfdoc

    :FU: :FU: :FU: :FU: :FU:

    I heard about that paddy Harry................. FUCK, decided to hookup with Ay Chiauha and GG!
    No love for us! Shit should have stayed where I was.
  6. SeaDawg

    I tried calling all you guys in on the paddie I was on before "the big one". There were a couple boats near me and I saw them haul ass. Normally I wouldn't have followed but they only hauled ass about 1/4 mile from where we were and stopped. I went over and made my drift and left :) No one came when I called them in on the first paddie, and I didn't find the big boy, so I didn't call again, I figured you were all hooked up on your own paddie.

    Anyhow, great day on the pond :cheers:
  7. Vermonster

    From what I've seen out there, it doesn't seem to bother them too much when you drift up to the paddy.... It's the guys that motor right up to the paddy that spook'um......

    Sounds like a great day Harry!!!!!!!


    WTG HARRY!!glad to see you cought some.sounded like a great day on the sure beats working and listening to you guys have fun!!!!!!!! :cheers: :cheers:
  9. c-nut

    ONE drift for 12! Most of been a SeaDawg fire drill WTG!!! Wish I had'nt made plans I sure would have been out with you!
  10. SeaDawg

    Yeah Glen, it was a firedrill, blood everywhere and we were kicking fish out of the way to get to the corners :)

    I agree with all of you that said the drift was ok. Sure didn't shut down the bite at all. We were still catching them after we had gone 100 yards past the paddie. I figured I was ok, I was 3 times as far as the closest boat when I pulled up, only difference was I approached from upwind. I really think those guys did pull right up on it and drifted down and away before I got there. Anyhow, 1 guy blasted me as he sped off. Least I think he was blasting me :) He was the only boat that was not bent, and I really don't think I was the reason :) By the time I got "too close" to the paddie there were an additional 3 boats on it and everyone (cept that 1 boat) was bent. Pretty wild for awhile there. Anyhow, I got the jones off me for a week or so anyway :cheers:
  11. Reel In Good

    Nice bro, nice job. I talked with Ryon last night and he is out on the pond for the second day in a row. Anyow We are going to head out next Saturday. I would really dig it if we can explore together the way we did last year. Call me when you have the time to see if we can hook this up. congrats on the yellows again bro.
  12. c-nut

    I have fished with you on many occasions; you my friend are very cautious when you approach a paddy. I know and have fished with some that never shut the motor down and like you said, take the easiest route to the paddy, down wind and straight to it! It takes some seamanship to shut down up wind, up current and hit it just right. You usually do just that and if you get close, your shut down. Very unlikely to spook them.
  13. SeaDawg

    OK, my ego is stroked :) Fuck that drift and fuck that paddie :rockin:

    Ramsey, weather permitting I would love to go out with you, we can explore some areas and cover alot more water with 2 boats. Ryon, want to make it 3 boats???????? Anybody else up for an expedition this coming Staurday (5-22). How bout it Stan!
  14. Reel In Good

    Yes Three boats like we did last year remember? I will call you in a second. The way I see it the more boats the better to cover more water, so if Stan is up for it, lets Roll baby!!!!!!!
  15. Rob E

    Stops like that keeps us coming back after the shitty trips, way to go!!

  16. Guzzler-1

    WTG on the YT today . Sounds like you kicked some serious YT asse today .I'm wondering how a blind guy finds a patty about now ..... LOL . Guess you di9dn't need my eyes today .
    I'm Wishing I was out there fishing with you today . But wait I had to go and coach a bunch of 14 year olds that didn't feel like playing Baseball today . Got our butts handed to us . I ask myself why am I Doing this . I'm not getting an answer ......

    Great Job

  17. ZZZZZ

    Right on Bro. You got yours on one drift on one paddy. Stoked.
  18. TheShark

    Fuckin A!

    Harry you the man!