Sometimes you win...... sometimes you lose.

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Saluki, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Saluki

    Last Thursday on my way home from work South bound 405 at Lakewood I see a fellow boater on the right shoulder with a triple axle sporting 6 rims and only 5 tires. I pull over to lend assistance and it's a BD'r! We meet and greet and he has a friend who is also a very well know boat dealer, who delivers a mechanic, tire, jack and tools to the scene. Now that's customer service, I tip my hat to you sir!!! The flat was on the left side right up against the #4 lane, so I put my shiny new BD Red rain jacket to work 100 yrd up the freeway holding it out like a matador and slowing down traffic while forcing them over to the #3 so the tire could be changed safely. We caused a sig-alert, so if you were coming home from Southbay last Thursday and fucked in traffic... neener, neener, neener. LOL
    15 minutes later we were on our way. Cool to meet you Blake.

    Today on my way home from work South bound 405 at the 605 I see a dude in the carpool lane with a early 80's or late 70's model Ford pick up pulled over. Hood up and a little smoke coming out, dude is behind the truck with his hands over his head in disbelief of his ride going up in smoke. Traffic was at a crawl and I was in the far right hand lane. I pulled over, got out, grabbed the fire extinguisher and turned to head over to him and .............
    Ker Fucking Boom!
    Game over............... this was now a little too much fire for the kitchen/garage extinguisher.
    Wish I was there a couple minutes sooner, just might have had a different ending to this story and saved his truck.

    Sometimes ya win............. sometimes ya lose.

    If you were coming home from Southbay today and fucked in traffic..... it wan't my fault.

    I need a helmet cam for the rides home. :D

    See ya next Thursday. ;)
  2. Jaydog

    Crazy world out there man. This one time at band camp........LOL
  3. dru

    Paying it forward. Even you, imagine that.

    Nice work :)
  4. vilters

    Saluki dude, you are awsome, what color cape do you wear superman. could start something like green angels in mex, maybe red angels?
  5. marlyn

    saluki angels
  6. Saluki

    I think most of the people on the free way last week knew who I was, they all called me "Asshole, Dickhead, Fucking Moron,.............." LOL
  7. sdangler

    Pink cape with brown vertical stains...

    Don't ask me how I came up with that.

    You're a good dude Brandon. Don't let any of those OC or LA drivers tell you otherwise. Shit, here in SD you would have made the news.

  8. Surfdoc

    WTG Saluki Angel...... sportin the RED wings!!!

  9. Surfdoc

    Yea as road kill!

    Pussy LA/OC drivers
  10. SDtone

    very cool of you to stop and lend a hand.
  11. Squid Vicious

    ..............get the good juju in before the season starts.............your name ain't Earl !
  12. johnnylite

    Umm I'm heading to Texas for a swim meet. Gotta go.
  13. Sortasober

    Manly dude comming to the rescue, I haven't pulled over to help anyone for over 10 years. Too many freaks, if I saw a BD jacket I'd probably give the salute. Your a good man Charlie Brown
  14. Az.monkey

    Sorry "Magenta Boy II" I'm all out of brownie buttons, how about an Icecreame instead ?
    Nice work Brando,Things like that help with the good name of BD !
  15. Afry

    Good on ya!

    Oh and will a mod please put a freeze on Saluki's avatar? Wait he is a mod....damn, Brandon that's a good one, did you win a bet for a change?
  16. Eye Problem

    Brandon you are twisted, but deep inside you are good friend and good at heart. I laughed my ass off talking to you while Saluki the flagman incident transpired. LOL I check the shoulder everytime the traffic slows down now(seriously) as I travel the same path as this maniac Brandon, always wondering if its a salukialert. LOL
  17. jesse

    you can strap the camera to the HALO hoverin' over your dome piece:D:D:D
  18. Vermonster

    So, that means that if you stop to help someone, there's a 50-50 shot that something will go horribly wrong....... :eek:

  19. Ed Y

    hmmm... I take the 405 everyday.... Now I see who is causing all the f'in traffic...

    Nice job though. I saw that rig last week - was thinking of pulling over but was all the way in the not-so-fast lane. I remember thinking to myself, I'd be shittin myself trying to change that flat while my ass was sitting in the slow lane.
  20. jimdog99

    Your're still an asshole, just a nicer asshole, reformed. I'm sure good karma will be coming your way soon. Too bad more people aren't like you.