Something strange is happening...

Discussion in 'Personal News' started by Gil Marlin, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Gil Marlin

    I can't remember what it's called, but it's falling from the sky, it makes a funny noise and it feels wet... :confused::confused:

    It's about time...
  2. GUERO

    someone peeing off your front porch Gil??
  3. Saluki

    Woke me up at 2:30am.
    I could hear it over Wifezilla's snoring.
    Ya........... it was raining that hard!
  4. Sortasober

    Run for your lives it's raining.... We interupt the election coverage to bring you Storm Watch
  5. Gil Marlin

    Fucker... :D
  6. Lou W

    No kidding....when friends visit from FLA they bust a gut over the "storm watch" coverage.
  7. Shocktower

    Only in Kalifornia ,they act like the messia is comming :gayfight::gayfight:
  8. Afry

    Just got back from buggin and got a free boat rinse!
  9. YANK N CRANK #2

    It needs to rain more!!! The mud terrains are installed and ready!!!!!!
  10. the hook

    We need it to snow a bunch in the sierras.
  11. YANK N CRANK #2

    We sure do... I couldn't believe how low some of the lakes are....
  12. Gil Marlin

    4.5 inches total for this year in San Diego... It rains that much in a day where you live, so yes it's a big deal... Autobody shops should do a good business today... :D
  13. Shocktower

    Yeah I know its funny shit though ,BTW I`am staying here right now and seeing the people stimulate the econmy for auto body shops is funny ,we had about 25" this year probably more at my house
  14. inSTANt bendo

    ......From the title, I thought you o.d.'d on the little blue pills again. Turns out it's just rain.
  15. Shocktower

    No that would be the DOW is up ,hey girls wanna have some fun
  16. Az.monkey

    My poor wifey works for an insurance company and says buissness is booming today and she's working late today because people can't drive when it's wet out LOL
  17. Double Z

    Broke out the shop vac for the gutters. Good stuff. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. Or later.....
  18. Smudge

    Jeese Gil, auto body shops do good business when someone spills a glass of water on the 5 South in La Jolla at 6am. Rain means business will be SPECTACULAR!!:D :D :D
  19. reddog175

  20. Gil Marlin

    Bring gay flowers...:gayfight: