So Brandon/Saluki, how much was your settlement?

Discussion in 'Goof Off Photo Editing & Video Clips' started by Weazel, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Weazel

  2. Gil Marlin

    Paper cuts...:ashamed:
  3. Jig Strike

    New sign in store window... You fuck it, you buy it.
  4. FishAbility

  5. Big Dan

    i was at a party at salukis and they had a pinata being smacked, something hit me in the face, i yelled at the kids i thought they were throwing ice cream

    All of these things are scripted and staged, I know an editor that works on these crap shows, they shoot them on $20 CC cameras, edit them on a laptop at starbucks, pay the pinata guy $25 for his time and air it and make a killing...lame.
  7. Fishpuppet2

    his " apperatus" still hurts :rofl:
  8. Saluki

    "Don't Party With Saluki"

    or Ceez.
  9. cretin

    I'd hate to be the poor kid that breaks open that one ...quite a suprise inside