Smoked White Seabass

Discussion in 'Fishing and Hunting Cooking Recipes' started by dirtydawg, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. dirtydawg

    I was handed some white sea bass steaks by neighbor and i want to put them on the smoker.

    What is the best wood for smoking sea food?

    I'm out of "Alder" and cant find anyplace that carries it, I have Hickory and mesquite but not sure that would work out.

    Opinions PLEASE.....
  2. puropes joey

    Hickory & Apple, work for me.
  3. Sun Tzu

    Apple works well. Just picked up some alder at big 5. Have you tried them?
  4. Mikieb

    Why do you want to ruin perfectly good fish ? Smoke some mackerel or dope or something anything but WSB.:smoking33:
  5. plj46

    Maple or hickory works just as well but i would never smoke seabass.
  6. dirtydawg

    Hey thanks for speaking up guys. I've never had sea bass before, and after reading your posts I'm having second thoughts on the SMOKE!

    I sure as hell don't want ruin it. So just season it, and grill it?
    Or just grill it?
  7. Mikieb

    Lawrys salt & pepper & a little butter on the grill, you will spank yourself for even thinking of smoking it.:hali_olutta:
  8. plj46

    Another suggestion,garlic,fresh ground pepper a little salt,grill it and rub it down with butter.
  9. dirtydawg

    Thanks for the feedback' thats what I'll do!
    Got the fesh garlic, real butter, fresh ground pepper, couple of different kinds of Lawry's.:drool:
    Thanks for steppin up Mikieb and plj46, and the others as well.
  10. dirtydawg

    :hali_olutta:Well... dinner has been cooked and consumed. That was friggen the best fish dinner that I have Grilled. (the family told me with out me asking)
    I've had almost every other kind of fish before, but thats right up there.
    Now I'm gonna have a new target species next year......Thanx again for keeping me from screwin up
  11. NumberNine

    BTW guys- the 99c store had 3lb bags of Hickory, Mequite and Apple chips for----99c!