SMB mako report 8/9

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by NoLDR, Aug 10, 2003.

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    I know I was not going to fish this weekend but with my brother in law in town we got the green light at 6pm on Saturday. We left MDR around 7 pm and set up the slick around 8 or so just before sundown. The conditions were OK but the fish did not cooperate. After a full night of fishing we only scratched up one blue. What a bummer as this would be my first skunk for the season. Perhaps the mako tournament shut the fish off. Anyway I will be out again this week and I will report later.
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    Hey Brad, what was the temp in your area? Mots and I fished the nine from 4-7:00pm yesterday for 1 released female about #75 and 1 #10 pup that Greg picked up and released barehanded
    :D Also, had the smallest blue I have ever seen nibbling on a chunk bait, about 15 inches long. Water temp on Mot's guage was reading 75 degrees, heard that makos like it around 70 or below?
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    cool report.
    I've been skunked sharking a couple times.
    The few times I've been skunked were thrilling!
    A many number of trips I've waited 3 hrs for nothing, and then something really big shows up.
    Part of the thrill IMO.
    Something else I've found is shark fishing can be very slow when a whale dies or some large fish ect. dies anywhere near where you set up at.
    1, How are you chumming?
    2. Prefered bait?
    3. Favorite set up and leaders ect.


    Burlap sacks with a good amount of carcusses hung over the side.
    Also the frozen bait buckets of shark tagger chum placed in the bait tank to melt.
    I've found that even if you have to chase a shark a short distance the bait tank still is chumming--- also a nice noise maker with the bait pump. Some times turning on the ignition and off a few times every 15 minutes will help the shark find you. (just watch your motor when doing this... Your in for a thrill.
    Cuda, tuna, bonita, and yellow tail carcuss is my favorite baits, some have been used as live bait for a real treat.
    Don't fret the little sharks that come nibbling. It increases your chum line as the knaw on it. When they leave you'll know the big fish has arrived.
    You rarely hook little sharks when doing it this way.
    Small bait is used when you want to catch under 100lb sharks consistantly, the bigger ones have been caught on smaller baits too. LOL

    My favorite sharking story (next to JAWS of course) was a trip where we hooked a mola and it acted like a tuna and we cut it off boat side!
    The next night we hooked a Big eye tuna. It acted like a tuna,,,,,,, wait big molas act like a tuna too!
    We fought it on a rental rod with a broken dog spring on 60 lb 6/0 reel and a rent a rod.
    We really considered it to be anouther mola.
    At deep color it was a tuna. 15 minutes later it was one of the largest big eye tuna in american waters I've ever seen or heard.
    Never have looked it up.. hmmmmm
    176 lns
    Thanks for the report

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