Smb halibut 12/14/03

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by kepdawg, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. kepdawg

    Wow, forgot what a trip like this was like with a boat in tow.
    Crazy ass fucking drunk drivers, rain, the ralphs market by the ramp is out of everything.
    Glad we brought our own sodas! FCOL
    Weather was wind variable 3-10 knots from every direction. At one point we did a full circle.
    Water was 59ish and clean green. Current was all over the place too- just like the wind.
    Rained on our slickers for about 3 hrs.
    Then some sun and otherwise overcast.
    HINT- We burned 9.2 gallons today and never got farther than 4 miles from the jetty.......
    Driving a center console boat in the rain SUCKS ASS.
    The great thing was 2 sand bass and a lepoard shark were the only junk fish.
    We only lost 2 barely legal fish at boat side.
    If you gotta measure 'um I prefer to throw them back.
    Our total was 5 fish, biggest was 12lbs, smallest was 6.
    All fish caught around 11-12 fathoms.
    3 of the fish came late in the day around 3-4pm.
    6 or so shorts released.
    Bait was live squid from insaine (larrys consession) which I really enjoy fishing.

    The day's catch:

  2. byeye

    Killer!! Glad you guys got some Halibut for putting up with the weather. Only one questionthough. What is FCOL? Thanks for the report....
  3. kepdawg

  4. Ali Admin

    You guys killed them.

    Papa J and I went out for some islands action and didn't catch anything worth mentioning.

    But we did get to watch them feed the bluefin! That was sooooo Sick. We asked the guys on the feeder boat and he was totally cool and offered to let me get on their boat.

    Instead we pulled the PJ right next to the pen. The view from the hardtop was sick.

    Took some pics. I hope they turn out. I'll let Jason post the pics.

    I would love some hali for the freezer though. I gotta go make some drifts.
  5. byeye

    You don't have to scream at me FGS.:D (FOR GOD'S SAKE):D
  6. Jason Admin

    Those fish were all pigged out. 1st time fishing squid. I love it. Halibut hang on them really well. Also the danger in baiting the hook...
  7. byeye

    O.K, so now that you've dragged for halibut with squid how about giving some tips on it. Is it better/worse/different then useing dines/chovies etc... Do they pick it up and fuck with it more/less or do they pick it right up???????
  8. Jason Admin

    They die pretty quick so we kept changing them out. Halibut pretty much just slurp them things. All fish had the trap deep in their piehole. There is a technique to holding and baiting those damn things without getting bit.
  9. kepdawg

    I wasn't screamming.
    Just talking loud.
    There is a differance L O L (LAUGHING OUT LOUD)LAUGHING OUT LOUD
  10. JWALK

    Nice job on the buts Kep! You seem to always be on fish!!
  11. Mot's Sr.

    WTG guys, glad you had a good daygunz gunz
  12. CodeBlue

    Looks like a killer day!
  13. Mots

    Nice, very, very nice. Kick me down a couple fillets:D
  14. Jason Admin

    Come get um this afternoon. Bring my smoked YFT from your pops. :)
  15. Null&Void

    nice butts you got there! great to see my old homestead kicking out some nice flatties. and please, do tell on the tech-ni-que. i've been doing a lot of set up experimenting with bounce ball/3 way swivels, and would like to compare notes. nice haul :D
  16. Joey805

    Excellent job Kepdawg! You killem em!

    Way to go!
  17. ?? fisherman

    Way to go guys! Did that little beak getcha jason??:D I actually have never used the squid for bait on butts myself either, (mainly due to the fact that they are never avail here in SD) sure would be interested in giving that a try sometime.

    WTG (WAY TO GO!!:p )

    ey Kev or Jason, how long is that drive from here, I cant remember from the last trip as I was nodding in and out of sleep.

    The unknown fisherman:p
  18. DaGoose

    I have to get up there and try it sometime.


  19. SpanishMack

    There goes the neighborhood.

    Nice report...
  20. DaGoose