SMB Critterfest w/"jscrib" & "surfvolcum69"

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Red Drum, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Red Drum

    I got the green light to go fishing for a couple hours with Jason “jscrib” and Kevin “surfvolcum69” aboard my 15ft aluminum Duroboat “Red Drum”. I hadn’t taken my little boat out in the saltwater for many months. It was a lot of fun, plus that boat cleans up so fast but you get a wet butt whopping if the winds pick-up. Oh well, it’s still is one hell of a fish catching machine.

    We started the morning trying to target Halibut, but our baits kept getting attacked by Calico Bass and juvenile White Sea Bass. We vacated the area to get away from the pesky WSB. Here is Kevin with one of the cute King Croakers.

    A short time later, Jason pulls in a nicer size Calico Bass.

    Then I get a good size Sand Bass in between catching a bunch of smaller critters.

    Here is Kevin with a Rubberlip Seaperch. That guy just can’t keep away from the Perch.

    Here’s Kevin doing his best Rubberlip imitation with funny man Jason in the background. Not that I would know, but Kevin would have no problem finding some new friends in West Hollywood with lips like that. Yikes! LOL!

    Here is Jason aka “Chester the little Calico Molester” with a cute little CB.

    Here is Jason with a Sheephead.

    Here is a colorful Rock Wrasse, haven’t caught one of those in a while.

    Here is a Black Croaker, another fish that I haven’t caught in awhile.

    Here is Jason with a Rubberlip Seaperch and Kevin with a Calico Bass.

    Here’s Kevin about ready to find out what it’s like to smooch a Rubberlip.

    After Jason revived and released his poor Rubberlip, he cast out and gets hammered by another nice CB.

    Then Kevin puts the hurtin’ on a fat 6.25 pound Sand Bass. Niiiice!!

    Then I get back in the big fish action with another nice CB. Yeh buddy!!

    Then Jason says “what the hell do I know about catching Turd Rollers”!!

    Then I replied with the same comment.

    Then Jason says “what the hell do I know about catching Sewer Salmon”. Yuk!!

    While we were whacking the Bass, an area of Bonito popped up chasing some little anchovies. We raced over to the fish and I nailed this 10.2 pounder on a spoon. It sure was fun fighting that fish on my bass rod.

    We ended up spending the whole day on the water. On the way in, Kevin asked to take one more cast along the break wall, that guy is a fishing addict, just like someone else I know. I was cruising about 7 knots and Kevin yells HOOK-UP!!!
    I slow the boat down and he pulls in a 22.5 inch Halibut. SWEEEET!!

    Our “couple of hours” fishing trip turned into a full and fun-filled day of SMB multi-species critter fishing. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened. Love it!

    All fish were released except the one Bonito.

    Ended the day catching 14 different species:
    Calico Bass
    Sand Bass
    White Sea Bass
    Brown Rockfish
    Black Perch
    Rubberlip Seaperch
    Black Croaker
    Rock Wrasse

    I can’t wait to get back out there again. HOOK-UP!!
  2. Scarleg

    Great report again vince
    So..did you make scribby put on the vest after all the beers?Look at the expression on his face...classic:appl:
  3. jscrib

    Freeking great all day trip on the Red Drum. Good times with good people and alot of laughing. Some funny jokes were told also. Something about a driving range. LOL That bone Vince caught was a great fight. Fish was going off. Also, seeing Kevin get that flatty on the last cast of the night was epic. Good memories for sure.

    Thanks Vince for the great time. Til next time.(clapping hands) :appl: :appl: LOL

  4. Surfvolcom77

    hahahaha good times for sure! thanks vince! jason, my joke ruled. see you tomorrow. tell jessica that I can allready tell that im hungry tomorrow, so im gonna need some food.

  5. 7raptor

    Nice work boys
  6. goseango

    epic day.................

    Unreal...what a day.
  8. SubLime

    Great post guys.....

    Ron H.
  9. Mstonefish

    Great day, ton of fish!
  10. Sea Hag

    You guy's look like your having way to much fun. WTG. :appl:
  11. medunn16

    Those are some of the best day's,right out front with your boy's!!!Looks like you guy's had a blast.......

    Another awsome report! Thanks Vince
  13. Rockwood

    Thanks for the report and pictures !
  14. gordogringo

    great post!!!
  15. Surfvolcom77

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=row1 vAlign=top align=left width="100%"><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%">the best is Vince being able to tell what kind of fish it is just by looking at his fish finder. "holy shit boys, thats white seabass under the boat...juvies i think..." BAM, someone would hook up, and good as shit... juvie seabass! Fucker has like a 6th sence.

    The key to fishing with Vince is to just listen to what he says. The dude knows his shit. "Kev, Scrib...throw your swimbaits righ there...." BAM! Hookup!

    Hahahahahha, I love fishing with those two guys. Vince has taken me out alot now, and I would like to say thanks brother! My fishing ability and skill has gone way up after meeting you. Definitly one of the best fishermen I have ever been able to fish with.

    Scrib, your a gay homosexual. See you and Jessica tonight.

    Kevbo</TD></TR><!-- right top row table end --></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR><TR><TD class=row1 vAlign=bottom noWrap align=left><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="100%" border=0><!-- right bottom row start --><TBODY></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  16. jimm

    Right on guys! full blown critter fest!:appl: One questions. Where did you put all the beer for Jason? I know damn well that boat isnt big enough!:cheers:

  17. fishin4fun

    Congrats Kevin, Jason, and Vince on another epic day aboard the red drum. Ya'll got it going on on that boat. Nice to see some variety too. Have a good one.



    Freakin outstanding variety, way to slay on the small boat in a BIG ocean...:rofl::rofl::appl::appl:
  19. Spyder

    What, no striped marlin or even a swordie???? And you call yourselves fishermen???:rofl:

    Great job guys:appl: :appl: :appl: Thanks for all the cool pics.

    Killer day on the water 4-sure!
  20. wheresmypliers

    now thats how you have fun. bitchin day fella's