Slower Fishing and a Slower Truck

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    REPORT #1017. “Below the Border” Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
    Endless Season Update 07/01/06
    East Cape
    I told you the trucks were big
    Sorry for the late report. I began my drive down to East Cape yesterday (6/30) and was delayed a bit by a very large truck that I had to follow for 50 (yes, 50!) miles before they would let me pass. So I am posting the report from La Paz instead of East Cape this morning.
    Offshore, the action continued with billfish, dorado and tuna leading the charge. Inshore, the action seems to have slowed down a click or two, but it’s still very productive early; and then it is out to the bluewater to search for the bigger boys.
    Beach action consisted mostly of ladyfish, pompano and a few pargo. There is plenty of both sardina and mullet tight to the beach from Scott Glenn's house all the way to Bartle Beach. Still seeing some roosters, but they seemed to have lockjaw this week.
    Water temperature 74-85
    Air temperature 71-99
    Humidity 78%
    Wind: SSW 2 mph
    Conditions: Clear
    Visibility 10 miles
    Sunrise 6:34 a.m. MDT
    Sunset 8:07 p.m. MDT

    Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico
    There’s no wind and the water temperatures are beginning to climb; as it does, the fishing action has improved. Ten- to 15-miles outside the boca at Lopez Mateos there are plenty of yellowtail, bonito, barracuda and skipjack to keep everyone busy. Out another five miles above Lazaro there is excellent tuna action and a few marlin being spotted.
    In the esteros, grouper, corvina, halibut and the ever-present spotted bay bass have been the best bet.
    Water temperature 61 - 66
    Air temperature 68-78
    Humidity 62%
    Wind: W 15 mph
    Conditions: Clear
    Visibility 5 miles
    Sunrise 6:38 a.m. MDT
    Sunset 8:19 p.m. MDT

    Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
    Inshore and offshore, the water is averaging a very warm 88 degrees. This has kept the tuna and marlin out of here, but is very favorable for the sailfish. Dorado, even though they have yet to show, also like the warmer temperatures.

    Fly fisherman Tod Eason had a short 4 day trip down here and wanted one day of fishing. I lent him my fly gear and put him on the panga “Gitana” with Santiago. In just a few short hours he had one sail come off on a poor hook set, another broke the leader, but they tagged and released the third.

    Adolpho, on the panga “Dos Hermanos” told me the inshore roosterfish action is outstanding. He is averaging 6 roosters a day, between 30- and 45-pounds. His best day was 8. They took them about 14 miles to the north, along the Pantla beach area.
    Ed Kunze
    Water temperature 78 - 84
    Air temperature 72 - 84
    Humidity 83%
    Wind W 4 mph
    Conditions: Thunderstorms
    Visibility 7 miles
    Sunrise 7:12 a.m. CDT
    Sunset 8:23 p.m. CDT

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